…phd mojo.

Ran screaming from piles of notes, articles, medieval Latin and books. Last seen heading in the direction of the ocean.
If found, please return immediately to the frazzled PhD student who is quite aimless without it.

In other news, the knitting goes slowly. And I’m now on the lookout for a nice, circular shawl pattern that uses only 900m of yarn…



  1. Have you checked the local cafes? PhD mojo is attracted to caffeine.

  2. Hmmm, also usually likes to wallow in the deepest darkest corners it can find, to usually emerge refreshed – after a swift kick in the butt. Is always known to return 🙂

  3. ah. the mojo disappearing phase. once lost i dont think it returns but is replaced by the ‘god i hate this thing and just want to be finished’ phase! xx

  4. I’m sure it will get hungry and come back in the end. In the meantime, I recommend some mindless knitting to leave it a bit of room…

  5. My mojo come-os and go-os. But it does return, usually after a short break. Listen to your brain, and don’t let deadlines deaden your passion.

    Oooh, there’s enough cute sayings there for a PhD self-help book. Maybe I could just draft an outline for that before I read this article…

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