Yarn haul.

I promised some people a post on my Vintage Purls haul. I first saw her work when The Gidget brought in her Ewe Beaut fibre box to look at. Being an old Dunedinite, I am more than happy to support online LYS, and boy is her yarn amazing.

This is what I bought myself for Christmas: 1 laceweight and 3 sock skeins. I have them next to me to stroke often. She only updates on a Monday afternoon, so you have to refresh often or you miss out, like I have on a few stunning pieces.

Vintage Purls - the first of many.

And then Santa’s sleigh must have broken down somewhere over the Tasman Sea because this arrived today from the fantastic DrK. Some Knitabulous FiftyFifty in Oyster – which is about to be skeined up and magically transformed into a Damson in the next 24 hours.

Isn't she quite a little pearl?

Of the VP sock colours, mom fell in love with this one – “Whispered Thoughts”. The colour variation is so subtle but beautiful and will became a Saroyan scarf in the next month for her too.

What colours!

But I really need to talk about this. This VP laceweight is so beautifully soft, and it looks like it will block amazingly. 100% Merino laceweight – but look at that colour!!!! It’s true tone on my computer, but it really is the colour of an early spring morning sky – clear sky blue. This skein has me searching for the perfect pattern to show off semi-solid variations. This colour makes me happy. I need to be able to wear it before winter! Thoughts?

I'm so smitten, I'm searching for the perfect lace shawl...

In other news, I’m slowly getting back into the writing, and I managed to be caught knitting on tv whilst at the HRV Twenty20 match on Saturday. Very chuffed about that. Am about 6 1/2″ into the Cobblestone for Dad’s birthday. It’ll be probably be late, but it will be had before winter. The lace has come to a dull holt while I finish some fetchings and mom’s purse – I want them done so I can get onto the rest of my planned knitting summer.

I’ve also started my C25K program, with a little help from Podrunner Intervals. I started with it in Canberra but my heart wasn’t in it – this time, it’s working. I have my route plotted and the lactic acid in my thighs tell me I’m doing something right. Really looking forward to getting better at this running thing. It’s fun.

Not much else is new… my photoblog is still current, a whole 5 days in! I hope to have that continuing for a while yet!

Anyway, time to get some more intro done, hope you’re all well!



  1. Nice yarn haul! It’s great to be able to support a local yarn artist especially when it’s such lovely stuff!

  2. Gorgeous haul Shelley! Lovley. You’re not wrong about that blue!!

    C25K sounds fun. I keep thinking of trying it. Maybe I will!

  3. That lace just knocks me out, such a beautiful color! With that yardage you could make just about anything… have you done any round shawls yet?

  4. Oh oh oh… that lace!!!!! It glows! I’m with GeekKnitter – a round shawl!

  5. oh thats all so lovely. just another reason to come on over! and yes, i agree, a round shawl. like a pi maybe? no more ysolde!

  6. Gorgeous yarns. There are so many around it’s nice to know what people think of them. Will keep an eye out for Vintage Purls now, thanks for the heads up!

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