Happy New Year!

I can’t say my 2010 went off with a bang – unless my 4-way conflict in a Civ IV campaign is a valid type of “bang” – but it was nice and relaxed, followed by going to bed when the sun came up (just… one… more… turn…), and then getting up to have a nice quiet breakfast when the sun was a little higher.

The highlight of my day has to be my new laptop though. I’ve been using the Magpie’s for the past few years as my old one (Polgara) died a dignified death after 6 years of solid service back in 2007. And I finally have a new one (not a mac – I still have issues with macs), and I am happy. Even more so because when I got home I found out the chassis was midnight blue. My favourite colour. So I had to call her Varda. And I have been tinkering around with her all day. I should probably let her rest a bit now. I’ve implemented some of my NY resolutions already, and some more will begin tomorrow…

So far, so good. Pity it’s only one day in. 🙂 Knitting and writing begins in earnest tomorrow…



    1. It goes along the lines of having never used one until 2004, and then they’ve just become a status thing. Of course, the unix platform is fantastic, but it really boils down to the same reason that I own an iAudio and will take an HTC over an ipod and iphone. I like being different.

  1. How’s the knitting and writing? 🙂 Ah, I love my Mac. I think I converted just as they starting being popular, though, so I don’t really care and figure out everyone else is just catching up.

  2. the popularity thing is funny – Sean, and many of his friends, have been mac devotees since the early 90s and lived through the down period when no one used them. He has never used anything else. I think the status thing is in part because they are so sleek, and clever and attractive – I find PCs clunky and unappealing. Wish I didn’t have to use one at work!

    1. that is the logic, yes. I’m not a fan of Windows and am a linux user myself, so I’m getting used to all this clunky stuff… at least until I can get back to fast, unmetered internet to rectify the situation…

  3. macs are highly overrated. the reason they dont get viruses is only because no hacker can be bothered writing one! im right there with ya in grown-up computer world! me and my groovy little htc magic with its android platform and non-proprietry apps. hehe 🙂 hope it brings you much joy and productivity in the year ahead xx

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