To conclude…

What a year. Full of highs and lows, travelling, teaching, knitting, writing, tears, laughter, friends and family.

It has been a year of growth and learning how to breathe. I have challenged myself in many ways and achieved more than I thought I could.

In all, it has been a good year. Here’s hoping 2010 will be even better.

Happy New Year Everybody! May it be one of filled with joy, laughter, and loved ones.

See you next decade! 🙂

2009 In Stitches – A Selection

1. Stripey Socks, 2. Watch Cap, 3. Boet’s Brigo, 4. Good Luck Cowl, 5. Hot Chilli Masonic Socks, 6. Turn a Square 2, 7. Argyle Socks, 8. Mom’s Cowl, 9. Valerie’s Miracle Scarf, 10. Tinuviel, 11. Housewarming Hemlock, 12. Damson, 13. Ishbel, 14. Riding to Avalon, 15. Matthew’s Hemlock, 16. 1000th Amanda hat, 17. An Unoriginal Hat, 18. Katie’s Amanda, 19. Caradhras Clapotis, 20. Stolen Moments Detail, 21. Mom’s comfort shawl, 22. Vinnland Socks, 23. Jenn’s Cowl, 24. Bell’s Hug, 25. Henry



  1. Wow you have had a really productive year both with the knitting an the thesis. Best Wishes for many successes in the coming year.

  2. You do seem to have been incredibly busy – glad you learned to breathe through it! Happy New Year – I wish you all the best for 2010.

  3. Shelley you’ve had such a creatively beautiful year. Some amazing pieces in 2009. Inspiring!

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