…And a pukeko in a ponga tree

Chapter 3 is done and in, and work on Chapter 4 begins. I *should* have two book reviews published in the latest AARL journal, but that cannot be confirmed yet (but still, not too bad).

Not much else to talk about. Knitting little (late) presents and thanks yous instead of lace, and photos of all the knitted pressies will be taken when modelled at Christmas. Have also decided to back my brother some chocolate chip cookies for Christmas, hope that (a) they last that long and (b) he likes them.

I’ve started thinking about new years resolutions. I didn’t do too badly with the yarn diet and breathing this year, but I’m thinking practical for next year. So here’s the list I’m banding about at the moment:

  • finish and submit thesis
  • write and submit 3 journal articles
  • do a TESOL course
  • learn to crochet
  • complete the Spruce KAL (see Ravelry)
  • knit myself at least 3 shawls
  • be able to run 8km by the end of 2010
  • correspond frequently by snail mail to improve my penmanship (any takers?)
  • complile a Days of Gratitude list a la Santosha
  • start a photo a day page, like L’atelier‘s photoblog, The Viewing Glass. (Basically kickstart my creativity)
  • Read for pleasure
  • That’s the list at the moment. It’s pretty big, but there are lots of little things in it. I think I could accomplish most of it. Thoughts?

    Back to the reading, and possibly a repeat or two of some lace…




    1. while the reading for pleasure may seem a long way off it will return. it helps to start with trash vampire fiction! and im up for the correspondance. cant wait to see the knitted objects, been too long between drinks there. and thanks for the lovely card xx

    2. I can do correspondence too! My writing does get very scrawly. Loved the card too! The 8km… wow. I’m still working around 4km… at jogging pace! But a good list! I’m not making one. I’ll just change my mind!

      1. There’s a podcast called couch to 5k, and then one called gateway to 8 – I’m thinking of doing those.

        Oh, and your presents are still on their way – you and Dr K.

    3. Sounds like a good list. I think a long list has so many possibilities that it ends up being a little easier if you miss one item than if you have a short list. Although my best ever resolution was a single one and it carried right through the year every time I felt myself slipping back into an old habit. It was “Take Action” and covered so many things. I had a very fruitful year in relationships, standing up for myself and achieving tasks. It was great! Good luck with your list.

    4. I think it’s a do-able list, for sure! It’s good to have achieveable goals!

      I agree with Kylie, some vampire fiction (not the Twilight version though) is a great place to start reading for pleasure!!

    5. I want to be able to run too – would be happy with 1 or 2km at the moment so I’ll check out those podcasts you mention!

      I like your plans. Lots of good ones. Three shawls! I’m planning at least that too! And yes, correspondence. Let’s do it. My handwriting has gone to shit!

      1. Your pressie is still in the mail too.

        And now I can go find some nice writing paper. 🙂

    6. I love the photo a day idea. Looking forward to seeing the results.

      A good camera is on my wish list at the moment.

      Snail mail is not for me unfortunately – the letter would be written and left for a month waiting to get to the post office. oops!

      Fitness is also on my todo list.

      Good luck with it.

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