I’ve not vanished off the face of the planet, I promise. It’s just been a little busy finishing up a chapter over here. My wrists decided it would be funny to start acting up about a week ago and I had to stop everything – knitting, typing, editing – for four or five days. Not happy. Anyway, I’ve a desk strewn with articles and book chapters as I try get things into some semblance of order. It’s possibly the scrappiest chapter so far, but it can only really be finished once the last two character chapters have been written (next one starts on Monday). So the end is nigh on chapter three. So close.

This delay has also meant a delay in completing the final Christmas sock. I’ve just finished the gusset and its on the home stretch there. Should be finished this weekend, and then I can address the lace issue (there will be a post on that too. Let’s just say that Dr K, I completely agree with you about Myrtle). I’ve almost enough lace in progress for a show and tell.

The Bendi for Dad’s cobblestone arrived the other day – it was the best choice, even better than I anticipated – Rustic 12ply in Natural Fleck is beautiful. It’s going to be a lovely, serviceable jumper that should last years. I’m actually looking forward to starting it too. I wonder if I can get it done in time for his birthday in February…?

There’s not much more to say. Cards went out on Monday, the presents… well. They’re still here. I’m going to have to do something about that. Possibly today, probably tomorrow – but they’ll probably arrive after Christmas. Just a warning.

Right now, I’ve a chapter to finish.



  1. go hard go strong and get that chapter gone in time for a christmas break! thinking of you xx

  2. I miss you being around so much so personally I’ll be glad when you take a break and can post more and sound more relaxed!

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