In a less woe-is-me type post, We’ve finally woken up to sun, cicadas, and birdsong – for the first time in a week. The rain and the winter weather is lovely, but sun and mild spring weather is even better. I’m up early drinking coffee and having greek yoghurt and honey, and watching the news with mum and the old puppy. Lovely.

Still not quite sure which project I will start next. I have the yarn skeins sitting in a patient line in my room, but that’s just made it all the more indecisive…

I have also been toying with the idea of Myrtle. But not in black. It’s tantalizing me in my VLT, as is the Trinity Lace shawl – but I think I’d want a thicker yarn for the Trinity. And Bells’ Myrtle is just so breathtaking. It looks like one of those shawls that you need to have in your wardrobe (or “cocktail bar”). Definitely a possibility. Also I left the yarn with the yardage for the Cap Shawl in Melbourne. Of course, I think I may just leave the Cap Shawl until after submission, when I need mindless knitting in the round. Badly. And hours of Buffy and SG-1. And books to read for the sake of reading. But I think I’m both digressing and getting too far ahead of myself.

I brought with me some Wendy Happy Libra at Cleg’s a few months ago, and I don’t think I’m going to make socks out of it. But I’m also really unsure about the colour. Does anybody know about how it dyes up – Liv? If it dyes well, it may end up another Damson, if not… I’m not sure… Sayoran, maybe?

On another note, it’s also the beginning of the festive season. And I think I’m almost inspired to bake. Will keep your posted on any developments in the kitchen (when I can find where I put my camera).

It’s now a respectable time of day, I need to start transcribing.

See you later!

ETA: Myrtle has been chosen – to be knitted in Glenora alpaca-silk 2ply in a dark teal. More later.



  1. i of course can totally recommend Myrtle. I’d love someone else I know to make it – and I would esp love to see it in something heavier – it’d sure go a lot faster!!!

    And I’m toying with the cap shawl too but imagine I will most likely go with the Shetland tea shawl from A Gathering of Lace instead – I’m nearly done with icarus and am ready for a challenge!

    Oh and my swallowtail is pinned out on the floor! Thanks for all your help on that!

    1. Is it done?! How’s the blocking? Did the nupps turn out alright in the seta? How exciting!

      I really need to get hold of a Gathering of Lace – and the shetland triangle…

  2. I don’t have a lot of experience with dyeing, I just used a Dylon packet for the Happy socks. It seemed to take the dye willingly. Will have to check with Mum how the colour is holding as she washes and wears them. I’ll let you know!

    Hope the transcribing goes well and without too much pain (physical OR mental!)

  3. A dark teal myrtle? Glorious! And I want real snow… your blog is just reminding me now of the snow I lack…

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