I’m living a boring life at the moment. I write, knit some, and sleep. The less knitting and more writing means that the thesis is progressing, but neither are going as well as I would like. I’ve just reached “shmeh” point in the chapter, and the apathy is spreading.

I’m looking forward to starting the next chapter, because this has been the most difficult, and will probably be the one that will need the most revision come editing. It’s been a brick wall for the past two weeks, and I’m finally transcribing it all to computer – and I still don’t know what I’m going to write for my intro and conclusion. Bleuch.

Thesis aside, the knitting is slow. I finally cast off SSS sock pair no.2 for Christmas. Yay. I cast on the last sock for the Christmas knitting last night. The end is nigh. The swallowtail is a floaty mohair cloud, and I’ve decided it’s not my colour, and I think it will be gifted as a birthday present next year. I’m going to go slow on it then, because I need to get some decent 3.5mm needles to knit with it. The join in the Harmony’s is driving me to distraction.

As for future projects… Mom’s picked the Apres Surf Hoodie and Dad the Cobblestone for them for next year. I snaffled up some 12ply Bendi Rustic (Natural Fleck) for Dad, and I think I’m going to look into the Naturally Atlante for the hoodie. I’ve been visiting it in the LYS, and having seen what Dr K is doing with the soft stuff, I think it would look gorgeous. My only concern is that it may be a little splitty, but I still need to check on that. As for me, Gidgets’ suggested I cast on something Elven to get my thesis mojo back. I think she may be very right. But what? I won some lovely Posh Yarn Charlotte from Princess Pea earlier this year, and I’ve been thinking of doing a Laminaria with it, having seen her stunning version. Or, I could do Percy, or try my luck with an Aeolian shawl. I have the yarn for all three. And I’m not feeling Icarus at the moment. Suggestions, anybody? They all use Estonian lace patterns (as if I didn’t have enough with my Ene’s shawl), and I’m going to knit them all… which one first though? Argh!

So yes, I have projects on the horizon, and a single sock to get done. And another 13,000 of this chapter to transcribe, edit and proof before Wednesday. Yes, I’m busy, but I’m near a computer now. You may see more of me!

Adieu! I’m going to watchsome Rugby Seven’s and the pathetic sight that is the Black Caps’ batting.



  1. surprisingly, the atlante is hardly splitty at all. i am using nickel plated needles tho to keep things nice and smooth and its working a treat. great choice! the ‘smeh’ feeling is kind of a good one if you can work it to your advantage, ie, dont care what i write just get the thing done. and as for cricket, someone should remind australia that beating the windies doesnt quite make up for not beating the poms.

  2. It’s not splitty? Excellent!

    And you’re right about the Aussies and the Windies. Also – what’s with letting the tail wag? And the poms beat the saffies. They’re having a good year. Don’t blame the Aussies – blame Ponting. 😉

  3. it sounds to me like project planning is what’s keeping you sane at the moment. getting the work done needs some nice dreaming to balance everything out!

  4. If you can’t decide any other way, then may I suggest the Aeolian, only because it’s first alphabetically though, no other reason!!

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