Still here…

Yes, I am still alive. Just not near a computer as often as I used to be.

It’s a little out of date now, but somebody asked about my birthday haul – here it is:

Some ugg boots, squishy goodness, earrings, and a ring (oh, and a clothing voucher and a flying lesson)

Modest, but awesome. Very chuffed with the squishy goodness – some wonderful people have excellent taste, the colours are wonderful. AND I have some Ravelry Red to play with. I wonder what I should make with it?!

I’ve been absent because I’ve been writing chapter three, longhand. It does less damage to my wrists that way, and I find I structure my arguments better on paper. (Has also done wonders for my handwriting). The handwriting is nearly finished, and the computer transcription is about to begin. You may see more of me now…

The knitting has been going solidly, but slowly. I turned the heel of one of the pairs of socks while helping out with the Hospice’s Tree of Remembrance, which was a quiet way to spend the morning. I’ve put the lace on hold to get this sock, and one more done before Christmas, and then I can spoil me. I should be able to do that, I hope.

Bells and I have been discussing the virtues of knitting nupps with Kid seta in the swallowtail shawls we’re both doing. I’ve made two without, and they look fine, but she <a href=””>dove in  the deep end </a>, and I may just to follow her. Don’t they look good? This has been my year of knitting adventures, so I may just have to add this to my list. Well done Bells!

But for now, I’m enjoying the rain, the Tuis and Blackbirds, the comfortable weather and the progress. I’d best get back to it, I want this section done this evening, then it’ll be one more to go and the chapter will be written (not edited).

See you around!

West End, Ohope Beach.


  1. i dont know what to make with my ravelry red yet either, but i am very content with just looking and squeezing it every so often! let me know what you decide tho. and a flying lesson!! hello! major excitement. sounds like you are making good progress, keep it up, nearly there!

  2. i’m going to have to get myself some Ravelry red – two of my best friends have it now and I don’t. Hmph.

    And go the nupps. Do it!

    Happy hibernating. I know you’re working hard but don’t forget to connect with us all when you can!

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