Yesterday, Today, and a Long, Lacy Summer Ahead.

I’ve finally got the camera out, and the sun’s made blocking and photographing some FO’s possible. So enjoy!

I’m also proud to present my Valerie’s Miracle Scarf (in Knittery Cashmere Sock, customed dyed in Bruised Bloodwood), and my Tinúviel (in Malabrigo lace, Alpine Pearl) – a recent FO from last year’s Lazy Lacy Summer.

I cast on Icarus this morning. The colours look great – I’m really excited to see how it all comes together as the shawl gets larger, and the yarn itself just shine. I’m going to limit myself to just this piece of lace until the Christmas presents are all done (3 more to go) and then I may indulge myself some more.

But for now, I’ll enjoy the sock and the shawl, and get a little more writing done this evening before I do some more!

Until later!



  1. it looks as if you’ve arrived in paradise!

    So glad we’re doing icarus together. It’s my only major piece of lace apart from swallowtail which isn’t due til Christmas. Let’s sit back and enjoy the knitting!

  2. I’ve seen so many gorgeous Icarus shawls that I’m going to have to give in and make one for myself. Yours is beautiful. And the sunny scenery is so nice to look at. We woke up to grey skies and rain. Again.

  3. It looks amazing where you are now! I love seeing photos of your spring down under, but it does make me rather wish we weren’t heading the other way into winter…

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