Kia Ora i Aotearoa!

Well, we’re in the Bay where it’s freezing cold, but settling in nicely. The snow on the mountains, you see, is dipping the temperature with a biting wind, but the sun is quite lovely.

Mom’s garden is looking lovely – the Jacaranda tree hasn’t even thought about flowering yet (odd), and a number of roses are slowly starting to open. We’ve also been enjoying things fresh out of her veggie patch, and I’m waiting for the peas and the plums to grow so I can enjoy them.

Not much has happened in the knitting front. I cast off Valerie’s Scarf on Monday night, and now that all my recent FO’s have arrived, and I can wash and block them tomorrow. The only thing on the needles is a lowly Christmas sock, soon to be joined by my Lazy Lacy Summer project #1: Icarus.

I skeined up my Icarus yarn this afternoon (the yarn caker arrived in the post in the morning). I’ve decided to use my Touch yarns 2ply kid mohair-merino (colour #293). I’ve my chart enlarged to A3, found my addi’s and markers… All set to go. Can’t wait!

My books also arrived from Amazon: The joy of sox, the enchanted sole, socks from the toe-up, and VLT. Yay! I’m very happy. There are some lovely patterns out there, and I’m looking forward to knitting many of them over the next few years. Early happy birthday to me!

On the thesis front, there’s been some preambled sketching going on. Work should ensue with abandon tomorrow.

I’ll go for a walk with the camera tomorrow. Let’s see what I can find!




  1. it’s getting hot here and I want to be in NZ. Now.

    Icarus tomorrow – yay!

    Great book haul. Most impressed!

  2. In NZ jacarandas usually flower in late November – most things seem to be 2-4 weeks behind Aus. At Massey the jacaranda often didn’t flower until after the students had left for the year; here they flower round exams. Before exams this year – they’re nearly finished.

    1. That’s interesting – mom was saying that her’s is very late though – I’m usually home around late November and it’s already finished. This time, I actually get to enjoy it!

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