The last 24 hours are always the longest.

Well, dear readers, the magpie and I will find ourselves in the Land of the Long White Cloud tomorrow with the sole purpose of Finishing Theses (very important WIPs). escaping the Australian Summer, and, in my case, getting some serious lace knitting done.

We’re all packed (mostly – have to see how many times we re-pack today – it was 3 yesterday), and I’m up early to wait for the courier company to come pick up some boxes (I have a window of between 8am – 5pm, and I’m still waiting for some important documentation from them for customs… it’ll be closer to 5 IMMHO).

But being up early with the sun streaming into the room gives me a little time to breathe. It’s been a very long week. This time last week I was travelling to Canberra for a panel  meeting (it went well), and on Thursday, I’ll be starting Chapter 3 (I’ve 5 weeks for that baby too). Between the travelling and the packing, I really just can’t wait to be home.

There used to be a drill when  came home from Otago: Dump the suitcase in the hallway and head straight for the pantry. Nowadays, it’s closer to dumping the bag outside the bedroom, greet over-excited dog, play with said dog until it calms down, open pantry – but you get the idea.

They’re saying it’s going ti hit 29 degrees here in Melbs by Friday. Home is sitting at a gorgeous 18-19 degrees for the foreseeable future (to say nothing of the humidity of course), but the bottom line is, it’s comfortable knitting and studying weather.

Some of you may look at me in shock when I say that, but honestly, I abhor hot, dry (and hot, humid/hot, dusty/hot, wet/hot, anything) weather. I prefer a climate where you can take steps to warm up – wrap up, drink hot tea, etc; any climate where you struggle to cool down (having no aircon may also have jaded me slightly), is not what I would call idyllic. Anything over 38 degrees celsius in summer is especially unfunny. Bring on Aotearoa.

Since the madness is nearly over – the superficial edits for Chapter 1 and 2 are due today and nearly finished – I’m hoping to cast off Valerie’s Scarf tonight. I need the needles and the cable. I’ve only 2 proper squares and the chocolate coating to go. It’s looking good and may just bring my current WIP count down to 1. Pity I can’t knit on a plane (yet).

Anyway. Here’s me signing off from this side of the ditch – I’ll see you on the other side!



  1. I agree completely. the older I get, the harder I’m finding it to deal with Canberra summers. If I didn’t love the other three seasons so much I’d be considering a move. The way everything is baked to within an inch of its life – the way my skin feels tight and dry – the way I can just never, ever cool down in Jan/Feb is so awful I can hardly stand it.

    Maybe I’ll consider NZ too.

    Have a safe trip. Hear from you when you get there!

  2. Have a fun trip. And as we have discussed… weather in which your hair and jeans freeze… perfect. Iceland looking good!

  3. Have a great trip!
    I am wired the other way when it comes to weather, anything under 25C is too cold, idealy the temperatures are around 30C or even better mid 30s.
    but i agree that thats not ideal for knitting- i only knit in the night in summer. so much much less progress in that field.
    see you on the other side 😉

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