Cloudy. The sky is gray and white and cloudy…

I went into the CBD today, to say adios to an old school friend and stock up on Aeropress filters for the Magpie’s trip to NZ. I even walked past M&S without going in. I didn’t need to. I have cashmere from Knitter’s Addiction and Malabrigo Lace (finally!) from Yarn and Kisses winging its way to me. I’ll finish the ‘shallow’ edits of chapter one tonight (that’s the only way I can really describe them – not cosmetic, well, kind of, but not the substantial edits – yet), and send it back for further comments on the style and layout.

Then I can start packing what I’m not taking into boxes, and finish packing the box to take. We’re escaping to the country for a few days next week – finishing some paper work in Canberra, doing some last minute photocopying and tying up loose ends. I’m really looking forward to it. The days have been getting more and more trying, especially for the Magpie — poor boy — he really needs an escape, so I’m looking forward to taking him home with me, properly this time. I know the environment will be more positive, and very conducive to Getting Things Done.

Chapter 3 will probably start either on the 29th or 30th, and should take about 4-5 weeks again. It’s going to be another interesting chapter – background this time – looking at Tolkien’s understanding and use of “subcreation”, a little bit more on the fall, and sin, and good and evil, on Nordic and Germanic epics and mythology, and how Christianity really stole bits for itself. Reading some of my panel’s comments makes me realise just how much they don’t really know about pre-1500 literature. I’m almost looking forward to writing this – anticipating what they need to know is almost half the fun… knitting and thinking makes up the other half. Having a lovely open lounge and sunny deck just finishes off the process beautifully.

We’ve got the Southern Summer of Socks beginning – I’ve got a pair on the needles that qualify, and at least two more before the end of the year, as well as my personal sock club to draw from for next year.

And then there’s the Lazy, Lacy Summer – I must check with Bells as to when we’re casting on for that, but I’ve got my eye on an Icarus Shawl to start the proceedings. I’ve been in envy of the blogless WithaQ’s fiery Icarus for many moons now, and really would like a nice, long triangular shawl. The question really is, which yarn to use (because I’ve also got Adamas on my list, having seen how wonderfully Bell’s turned out. I have Knitpicks Shadow for that one – it’s going to be fun knitting a shawl in the recommended yarn – and knitpicks too, I really was spoilt to get that little bit of something. :D)

Anyway, I’ve some finish touches to get done, and ingredient 8 of Valerie’s Scarf to finish. And packing to do.

Until tomorrow!



  1. hmmm socks and lace, sounds like a perfect summer. it will be weird to have over the ditch tho…. and nov 1 sounds good but dont hold your breath waiting for myrtle! good luck with the chapters, and enjoy that break!

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