Tag Team back again check and direct and let’s begin…

Been very busy, and the countdown is now less than two weeks until I’m back in Aotearoa!

As I said, chapter was off on Friday, abbreviations page was sent on Sunday, and I’ve now been working on the more cosmetic changes needing to be made to chapter one… Also raided the Matheson today for extra secondary material, and I’m just writing out quotes and supplementary info like mad.

Magpie’s family had an old friend over for the weekend too, he lives what I would call an idyllic life – a home base in Catalonia, and a job that takes him all over the world, teaching at various universities and conducting a lot of research. Lucky man. It was lovely to meet him, even if I was in a brain-fried zombie like state that I’ve only just managed to really get out of.

The knitting has gone well too. 90% on the one row scarf, one of the socks done, the hemlock blanket is finished and blocked (my blocking wires turned up as I got the pins out… weee! They’re a lifesaver, aren’t they?) – the photos will go up when I can find my USB connector again, and another Christmas present has been cast on. I, however, think I’m going to catch up on Valerie’s scarf tonight though – I’ve lightening beetles, crazy moss and snowflakes to keep me entertained.

And, I’ve a confession… I’ve never made a pair of monkeys, I don’t even think they’re in my Ravelry queue. But I’ve just had a look at Rose Red’s recent wip, and wow. I really, really, think that I may need to make a pair of these socks for me. They are a little lacy, so I can count it towards my lacy summer… I think they’ll be my post-Christmas project. The question is what to use? I’m thinking some of the Needlefood eat your greens, which is far too pretty to give up easily. Although, the spring, and the Plumberry Ambrosia would also look good. Of course, I don’t have either in my stash, but I do have greens that need to be eaten (and a stash that needs to be busted).

I’ve got another two, maybe three days of thesis time left here, so I’d best get to it. Then I’ve boxes that need to be packed and sent. I wonder what customs will think if I try send my blocking wires home in their tube?



  1. heh, monkeys – don’t feel bad about not having made them, it took me a long time to decide to do that pattern too! but it is a nice quickie!

    And I reckon Customs won’t have a problem with you posting the wires – why should they? As long as you aren’t taking them onboard the plane as carry-on, you should be fine!!

  2. yes RoseRed’s monkeys are pretty gorgeous aren’t they? I’m itching to make the purl-free ones now.

    Yeah, the blocking wires will be fine. if you tried them as carry on luggage though, not so much!

  3. Eat your greens! They’re the best kind of greens. 🙂 And we are going to catch up before you go, right?

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