Nearly time to knit guilt free… for a while

I started chapter 2 on the 5th of September, and despite a few `life-intervenes’ days, I finished it yesterday, and edited and send it off an hour ago. 14000 words in 4 weeks. Hot dang. It’s not as extensively revised (read: it’s not) as chapter 1 was, but as a draft it is done and now I have to wait for my supervisors. I can’t say I’m that enthused with it, but it is a draft and there is time to edit, refine and polish later. I need feedback first.

But for tonight, there is Stargate:Universe, a hemlock blanket that has 1 round of increases before the edging, a sock, and the final few rows of the frog dust section of Valerie’s scarf. Getting there… slowly.

I think it’s time I have a weekend. 🙂



  1. Yes, Stargate Universe and I totally messed up my knitting while watching it and had to stop!! Oh you are making a Hemlock. I have the correct wool but little inclination even though I REALLY want one!!!

    1. Yeah, I messed up my final feather and fan increase thanks to that show! It is actually ridiculously easy to make one…

  2. Is Stargate Universe recommended? I’ve still got a few frog’s warts to go too! I keep wanting to status update about frog’s warts, but it would look so weird.

    1. You know, it wasn’t too bad at all.. Much darker than the other SG’s, but it has potential.

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