You know…

It’s sunny here today. There’s a cat sitting peacefully on my lap (this is the good cat, and antihistamines are great!)
The transcription is going well. The Biblatex-MLA package has just been updated, so it does EVERYTHING I’ve been having issues with in the citing of references and bibliography of my thesis. I have 20 rows left on Tinúviel and will finish her tonight. I have a sock on the needles and a mug of rooibos in my hand.

I think everything’s going to be just fine.



  1. That sounds like a great way to spend the week. Evidently the weather last week had a hand in the shadows, tales from around town indicate you were not the only one keeping the dog at bay, so nice the sun is making an appearance to aid and abet your plans.

  2. Don’t forget to bring Tinuviel along for us to moon over! And which sock?

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