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Am about a quarter of the way through transcribing my not-yet-finished chapter to computer. I need to mull over the theology a bit before I put it down. But I’m cutting things fine – I only have evenings to work on this on Thursday and Saturday – more on those two days after they happen (needless to say, they have nothing to do with writing, and everything to do with a well deserved break with various friends – something I think I need at the moment). Anyway, the point is – I should be transcribing, but my brain needs a break and I need to write something not related to Fëanor or wrath or greed or oaths. So here we go.

Yesterday marked a whole 30 sleeps until I get back to my beloved Aotearoa. Really, I can’t wait to be home. The photos when I get home will tell you why. Also, it’ll be the first birthday I have on my birthday with my family in years. A novel experience for me, and one to enjoy. On the flip side – there is so much that needs to be done before I go – finish this chapter to send next Monday, do the first round of corrections on the first chapter after that – sort out what to send home (the yarn for my lazy, lacy summer has already been boxed. As have a few balls for my personal sock club for next year; one suitcase of clothes has gone. There’s another packed and ready to go).

It’s just the books and notes I have to sort out – I want to finish at least the complete draft while at home – and there is a lot of paper that is necessary for this. Oh. And a wool winder and swift. And I’m determined to get my grubby paws on some proper blocking wires before I go as well. I know where to go. It’s just a matter of time. And money. You know – that stuff. Anyway. I’m looking forward to blocking lace properly – I’m actually quite excited about it. So much so, that I picked up Tinúviel again – I have 30 rows to completion – which isn’t much. I’ll wait till I’m in NZ to block her though – no more space or time on this side of the ditch. I just want her finished now – she’s the oldest WIP I’ve had in my basket, and I want her done. (on another note, I’m getting through the Christmas presents nicely too).

The delightful Gidgetssocks gave me a thank you pressie that comprised a yarn cocktail of Long Island Iced Tea proportions – mmmmmmmmalabrigo lace, some mmmmmmmalabrigo sock yarn (karma is great!), some gorgeous milk tops that needs a spinning wheel to do it justice, and a funky RoTK-inspired pendant that will be worn to the next panel meeting. And, it was all in blue! Score! So thanks again, and it was a pleasure – it certainly helped make my week last week. I also turned a heel for her, although I’m my heel flap’s pattern wasn’t quite what the instructions said it should be. Anyway. I’ve decided that I miss knitting socks, and am duly looking at patterns for presents, and for next year.

Further than that – I can’t really say much – I’m about to block out one of the pressies, and I have a few more on the needles. Thanks for the comments on my last post, the black dog has been lurking, but I’m keeping him at bay for now (it’s not snuffles, unfortunately). Time to get back to business. I wish warmer weather would hurry up and get to Melbourne. It’s disgustingly chilly here at the moment.

auf wiedersehen!


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