Been watching the rain radar for the ACT and catching up on some blog posts. Suddenly, I feel very alone all over again.

I want to go home, but I don’t quite know where home is. The feeling of being almost dispossessed is an odd one… at least I have my yarn and my Magpie.

I’m having to start looking at what to send to NZ. What can’t I live without? What do I really need. I’m sure too much of this melancholy can be a bad thing. I’d best start keeping a watchful eye out for the black dog. If anybody’s seen him – a head’s up would be appreciated!


  1. i sometimes think if i stop and listen the black dog is already here. just depends on whether i pay him attention or not. and im not surprised you feel that way, given everything. i wish you werent so far away. maybe we should write?

  2. After hearing all about your news last week, I’ev been thinking of you a lot. You’re in a tough, transitional sort of stage. Dispossessed is sort of spot on. Hang in there. Please keep in touch as much as you need to!

  3. Home being where the heart is, it sounds like you mostly have it with you in the form of Magpie and yarn. If that’s not quite it then maybe a call home if that’s possible??? Or you could come over to my place and be completely distracted by 3 small children who think mud is for painting bodies and everything else with!!

  4. One of my favorite quotes… Home is where you make it. We’re born somewhere, but that doesn’t make it home. So, the best part of being a wanderer at the moment is bringing pieces of home with you wherever you go! Hang in there, it’s bound to get better.

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