FO’s – Mithril, Philgyles and Burnt Oranges.

You know, I love animals – but I really am a dog person. They’re loyal, loveable, protecting, patient, golden hearts wrapped in fur. I’m also allergic to cats.

So I’m stuck in a house with two burmese cats that shed like nothing else and love to cover you in purrs and fur. Then yesterday the one decided I looked tasty and took to me with teeth and claws. So now I’m blotchy, puffy, and am having the worst allergic reaction in years. I’m going through tissues in record time, and am considering sending the Magpie out on an emergency mission to the shop to get some more. The antihistamine is almost working, but not quite. Damn animals have made me put my day on hold, and I’ve just discovered I missed the Princess Bride lecture. They’d better stay far out of my way.

*sigh* I thought Mondays were supposed to the worst day of the week. I guess the days may take turns.

Anyway, the chapter is almost back on track. This is my attempting to get my brain fired up so I can try function in a scholarly mode for the rest of the afternoon. While I muse on aspects of Fëanorian parallels with Melkor, I’ll show off some FO’s I finally managed to get blocked on Sunday.

The first is Mithril. Mithril is a type of precious metal in Tolkien’s universe. Mining it nearly drove the dwarves to ruin. It’s as malleable as clay when being worked, and becomes as hard as adamant once cooled. This is Ysolda’s new pattern Damson worked in Knitter’s Addiction 4ply cashmere (Hanoi grey). I am very, very impressed. For such a simple pattern to finish and block so well (and the yarn was an absolute delight – I have about 235m left over – enough for a cowl, I think). It’s light, it sits well, and the weight of the loops give it nice drape. I will be making this again. The only issue was tinking and re-knitting the last row and cast off twice. I have learnt my lesson now, that is certain.

Mithril - back
Mithril - back
one point casually tossed over a shoulder
one point casually tossed over a shoulder

Lovely shawl. So nice to have another in the cupboard. I only have two now. I intend to rectify this over the summer.

The second is a pair of socks I knitted for Father’s Day. Dad deserves another pair before Christmas. Philgyles were knitted in Needle Food worsted weight “burnt oranges” on 4mm needles, and took a whopping 2 days to finish. The fastest pair of socks yet. He seems to like them…

Dads philgyles
Dad's philgyles

Loved the pattern. Have modded it to 4ply. Stay tuned to see if it actually works.

And the third is a calorimetry in the remainder of the the burnt oranges. I have a love-hate relationship with this pattern. I don’t have enough hair to pull it off, so I used 100 stitches instead of the called for 120. Still too big. Oh well. It’s being used, and I like it. One day I’ll get the pattern right.

Burnt oranges
Burnt oranges

I also blocked Isabella. As boring as the pattern may have been, she does block well. I may have to consider another sometime, when I really feel I have  nothing else to knit. As she is a Christmas present, no photos are up here yet, but you can see her, and others on Ravelry – if you have an account, and the present is not yours. 😉

So there you have it. Some more FO’s, and more to come. But right now, I really need some more tissues.



  1. The Mithril is gorgeous!!! And it does look like Mithril… which is kind of weird. Those burnt orange socks though – I have such an urge now to knit up worsted weight socks. Need more Needle Food!

  2. The Mithril has me enthralled. It’s one thing to think, “Wouldn’t it be cool if I could knit chain mail?” And quite another to carry it through to such impressive fruition. VERY impressive. I really MUST learn to knit — even if I never make it to chain mail proficiency. 🙂

    1. Thanks!
      The cool think about knitting chain mail is it is the easiest of all stitches – it’s one stitch over and over again. The secret is doing it in a chain-mail coloured yarn! 🙂

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