One down, more to go.

The first chapter, having been rewritten a good number of times now was sent off around lunchtime on Friday. I have spent the rest of the time trying to reset my brain for the next chapter – which I will start writing tomorrow. I cannot extol the benefit knitting has had on my stress levels, my wrist strength and my thought processes. Of course, this is also good for the FO count – studying and knitting make very good bedfellows – don’t let anybody tell you otherwise!

It is Father’s Day today. And Dad is proudly wearing his bright (burnt oranges) Needle food Fargyle socks. Mom has promised me a modelled photo – when Dad stops moving. My first really successful cuff down project – with the drawstring toe (you know what I mean?). I did graft the one toe, but it didn’t really fit the pattern, and it looks far better too. The yarn was beautiful to work with, and the pattern was good fun too. So much so, that I’ve modified the pattern to work for a 4ply sock, and will be using it again. The argyle pattern comes up very nicely, especially in a plain or a semi-solid. But more specs when I have a photo to show you.

The one-more-row scarf (looking glorious in Malabrigo) is also 60% finished. Much was done watching the rugby last night. I think I’ll secretly crow with delight over the final score – but I have to do it very quietly. Happy birthday Dingo Deans. It’s amazing what fresh blood and a good dose of tactics, pride and desperation can do for a team. I think I’ll keep the rest of the scarf for the road. I’ve found it a good driving project as I don’t need to pay any attention to the needles. Always the best type of project.

Isabella will also get cast off tonight. I ended up making the larger shawl (number of stitches on the needles when I finally got around to counting them), but I can’t say I’ll be making her again in a hurry. I find the swallowtail a far more enjoyable and impressive shawl to work on. I may change my mind when she is off the circs and I can see the pattern, but its not very likely. Photos will appear later as she is a Christmas present – and I will wait until I have more room and a cat-free environment for blocking. I really do need to invest in some blocking wires – any suggestions where I can find some?

The calorimetry *should* also be finished either tonight or tomorrow. Then I have to find a nice button to I can wear it. More photos of that later too. I’ve just cast on Damson using 4ply Cashmere from Knitter’s Addiction. I think I’m in love – but Tinúviel is looking reproachfully at me from the corner. I started her in the Lazy Lacy Summer last year – and I should probably get her finished before I start this year’s LLS… Just a thought. I’m on a roll with tedious shawl finishings off, so I might as well get that off the needles too. I need my 4mms for the next project.

I’ll be getting my yarn cake-er and swift back soon – and trust me, I can’t wait. There are socks on the horizon for Christmas presents, and I need them wound before I can start.

Anyway, I’m back in the land of living – for the next while anyway. Hope you are all well – I have a mountain of posts on google reader to get through. I’d best get to it!



  1. Congrats on the completion of the first Chapter, it’s such a milestone, well done. Can’t wait to see photos of all these objects you are finishing, it’s just teasing to tell us about them and provide no piccies!

  2. Well done on the chapter and the stress levels. Keep that sanity thing going – you’re going to need it!

    So much productivity! And well done on your first cuff down socks!

  3. good to hear about the chapters getting knocked over, you are definitely on the home stretch now. and thank god for knitting huh?! i hear ya on that one!!

  4. Still having a chuckle about the subject lines! And no, you weren’t arrogant – there was a ‘how many degrees do I/will I have’ competition of which you were a mere participant! I love the Damson… it’s very LoTR and *soft*. Speaking of competitions, I’m going to be beavering away at Jam & Wolves…

    1. Yeah, I thought it was a competition in jest. The Magpie finally got his head around it, but didn’t do it in the most graceful or convincing way.

      I ain’t going to compete on the Damson – I’m curious to see how yours turns out before I finish mine. 🙂

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