Some more FO’s

My latest baby-centric knitted hug has been posted and received, and now I can show it all off. But firstly – my Hrívë mittens. (Hrívë is “winter” in Sindarin).
The pattern is Bella’s Mittens by subliminalrabbit. I may not be the biggest fan of the Twilight Series – but let’s face it – the movie had some great knitwear in it. These mits were knitted in Shadow Tweed on 5mm needles, and I have more than enough yarn left to make either a cowl or another Unoriginal hat. These mittens have seen a good amount of service already. The long cuffs have been an absolute godsend, and the mitt itself isn’t too clunky. I really have enjoyed owning a pair of mittens. I may have to make some more.


And now for the care package. My lovely, lovely cousin is T-minus 2 weeks away from her first child. She and her husband have decided that they want to be surprised – so knitting had to be relatively unisex in colour and design. (Once the baby is born, however, its a free for all).

So, I knitted a pair of booties (the fleeglized pattern rocks), a pair of socks (there will be many more of these), a BSJ (boring to knit, but very impressive), and a Baby Hemlock Ring Blanket (fantastic to knit).

Details are as follows:

Spuds BSJ
Spud's BSJ

The BSJ: Knitted in Naturally Haven 4ply (NZ Merino) on 3.25mm addi turbos. Took just over a ball to knit. Crocheted around the neck to match it to the cast off. Wooden buttons from Cleg’s in Melbourne.

spuds socks
spud's socks

The socks: Also Naturally Haven 4 ply on 2.5mm needles. About 6g worth of yarn.

spuds booties
spud's booties

The Saartjie’s Fleeglized Booties: Fleegle is a genius for the mod. In Patons Bluebell on 2.25mm needles. Buttons from Cleg’s.

Feather and fan detail
Feather and fan detail
Centre detail (blocking)
Centre detail (blocking)
Hemlock Blanket - Blocking
Hemlock Blanket - Blocking

The Hemlock Ring Blanket: I modded this down to a baby blanket version, and ended with an 87cm diameter blanket. The blanket took about 120g of Bendi 4ply baby wool in Frost on 3.25mm needles. I used the Rainey Sister’s mods and a 4-stitch applied i-cord as the cast off. It washed and blocked beautifully. Light an airy enough to not boil the baby, yet substantial enough to be used in a pram or a cot. I wanted to knit a keepsake for the baby, and this pattern was perfect for it. I can see this one being knit again – in all manner of sizes. It is a lovely, lovely pattern, and very quick to knit.

The chapter is still being put onto computer. I’m sloughing through Sedition now, and hopefully and print it out and start proofing it before the rugby (and knitting. I think I’ll do some more Tinuviel tonight). My supervisor actually emailed me and asked if I was alive today (shock! amazement!), so it appears I am right on schedule.

I ordered a small yarntini last week to console myself against the stress that has been, and I’m hoping it arrives on Monday before I head off to the library. I have plans for that little ball of yarn – I may consider opening my own cocktail bar of shawlita (that’s a word now. I said so).

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed the FO’s. More are on their way. Keep warm, stay safe, and enjoy the sport this weekend. (I know my barista is happy – his beloved Bombers have just made it to the AFL finals. I think that means free coffee on Monday…) As for us… Well. The Bok’s have a home game in Perth tonight, and Wellington is currently playing Canterbury for the Log of Wood. I’m hoping like hell Wellington gets it – but my team took the Ashes (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Broad, Anderson, Harmi and Strauss – we love you!!!!), so I think I can let Dad’s team get the Ranfurly this time around.



  1. Shelley you are producing some truly magnificent knitting lately. Stress seems to suit your knitting self! The BSJ is inspirational. I kick myself that I have not yet done one. The blanket is a work of art and the mittens have been on my mind since I first saw them. I’m saving my shadow tweed for some Bellas!

    Great work

    1. Thanks Bells! It’s all that time on the bus, I swear! 🙂
      But right back at you with your WIPs and FO’s too!

  2. WOw! how impressive! you have produced really beautiful objects of art!
    i love each and every one of them… maybe i should come riding in the bus with you 😉 – would certain come down under if i would be able to make such pretty things as a result

  3. Great knitting on the baby set – what a lucky little baby.

    The mittens are fab too – I must make those (maybe for next winter now!)

  4. What a well dressed little person Spud will be! I love the blanket – it’s such a gorgeous pattern. And the mittens are great 🙂

  5. VERY impressive!
    That is going to be one very spoiled baby :]
    I would never have thought of making mittens in that yarn [ which I just happen to have some of in the stash – funny ’bout that ] however I may just have to rethink that position because those are gorgeous.

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