What a week!

Weeks like this just push the point home to me – I’m doing the right thing. I gave a lecture to two sets of undergrads this week, and sat in on a couple of tuts – and it was great! Fun! Marvellous! And at the same time a little depressing. I know how much work being an academic would be, but I really would love to do it when the thesis is done… I just know how near-impossible it is for me to land an academic lecturing position, especially with the way universities are at the moment. I lived the dream this week, and now I just need to find a way to make that dream a reality.

RTA was also premièred this week, right on schedule. I did a mercy dash to get some buttons I liked, but they only had 10 (I needed14), so I’ve left the tops of the sleeves open. This is a temporary measure as the etsy buttons arrived yesterday with two issues. 1) One of the feature buttons had broken in transit. 2) The buttons were nowhere near the 1″ diameter as advertised on the site (I went back and checked). They’re all 1cm in diameter. Which means they’re far too small. So I’m going to keep the buttons on the front, and go find some more plain oak buttons for the sleeves. Then I can photograph her. She is very pretty, very warm, and looks good. (I am thinking about either crocheting or attaching an i-cord to the bottom edge – it curls up in an irritating manner).

The BSJ has been buttoned and needs to be blocked. I’m very happy with the seaming, and I added a crochet edge to the neck, so that it matches the cast off around the body. All very neat. Just getting some matching baby socks done and then I can send it all off. It’s less than a month to go now, and my cousin is looking gorgeous… huge, but gorgeous. I’m so excited for her.

The Christmas present list has now been compiled, and, much to the Magpie’s delight, most of it can be knitted from stash (or so it would seem). There will be a couple of extras ordered for specific things, but all in all, I should make a dent in what I have. Again, when the booties are done, the Christmas knitting can begin.

I am going to make myself another swallowtail before that, though. Elwing is getting a lot of wear, and while Tinuviel is nearly done, I can whip up another swallowtail in a week – with all that bus time, probably less. It is a pattern I am comfortable taking on a bus too, which says something. Also, I’m a quarter of the way through the Magpie’s vest now, but all that stocking stitch on 3.25mm needles is very tedious. The Rowan felted tweed is wonderful to knit with though – I’m really looking forward to seeing how it washes.

The thesis is progressing. I’ve hit a niggly bit with the Aquinas. It seems that, for all the church’s preoccupation with a Prime Evil, they say very little about it in either their theology or doctrine. I’m busy scouring through Tolkien’s letters at the moment to see if I can squeeze any more out of him before resorting to the critics, and am trying to get my paws on Aquinas’ De Malo in its Latin form. It looks like the English translation will have to do, for now.

Speaking of churches and theology. I was delighted to discover that my former (and still my favourite) Anglican priest has set up a blog. Father Carl is no ordinary or average clergyman, and his second entry does explain why. He is spiritual rather than congregational (IMMHO), and has a wonderful way with words. I owe much of my own perceptions and investigations into theology to Carl, and he cannot be found completely blameless in my current investigation of Thomist philosophy either. My idea of Christianity may differ from the norm, but so does his, and like I said, it really is lovely to read his blog – anecdotes and all.

On a more prosaic note, I’m going to get my haircut tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it. My mop is getting unwieldy and awkward. I’ve tried to grow it, but lets face it. I’m a short-haired girl. It looks good with the hats and berets, and is a lot less to fuss over. Bring on the scissors!

Right. Time to write. Will post photos as things progress.




  1. RTA is done! Hooray! I wish I could see it person. Drove past the turn off to your place today and thought how quiet you’ve been since you left.

    I’m starting to compile my christmas knitting list too. It’s not as long as I thought since I decided I will only knit for some and not others.

  2. You were so kind to comment on my blog (yes, he’s pretty cute) and I just need to tell you I have actually read yours a couple of times in the last fortnight and been feeling too foggy to comment. I mean, if a person has the brain power to knit and complete a thesis, the readers better leave erudite comments. But what the heck, I think I’d better just stick to saying “Hi”. Hope the hair cut included a scalp massage!

  3. Oh no… the buttons are too small? Still, RTA is one of the most wonderful things I’ve seen and I’m musing over yarn choices! By the way – Ishbel – totally working!!! The yarn did want to be a shawl. And hang in there re the academic stuff – you’re going to be brilliant at it. Seriously. Of course, you haven’t hit the paperwork yet and they never warn you about that…

  4. Sounds like you have had a pretty busy week there! Congrats on the lecturing if it’s what you want then hopefully you will manage it somehow. I know knitting takes a while but thinking about Christmas at this point would do my head in, although I am tempted to make a pair of socks for my best friend for her birthday this year….I have until the beginning of November, the only problem is getting her foot size.

  5. so glad you had a good experience this week. i share your grim thoughts on our collective futures in academe, i am applying for something this week and i know it will be a humilitating and debilitating experience trying to prove i am all things to all people, for something i probably wont get. so enjoy that pure research-for-the-love-of-the-idea while you can! am looking forward to seeing some FO pix too. thinking of you xx

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