Soon… soon my pretties.

There will be photos. (When the buttons arrive, and I am able to find the USB connector for my phone. It would have to have a non-standard adaptor, wouldn’t it?)

It spent 3 agonising hours yesterday seaming the sleeves to the body of my RTA. Agonising because I loathe seaming and am so very bad at it. And I wanted it to be perfect. I think I did an okay job. I crocheted the sleeves on. It’s relatively neat. It fits (even the sleeves! Yay! It really did need that extra 3 inches though). Now all it needs is the buttons.

And then yesterday I cast off the BSJ. Hallelujah! It really is a funny looking thing, isn’t it? Anyway, I need to seam it and find some buttons, and then it and the blanket can be sent on their merry way, and I can blog them as FO’s.

I’m slowly making my way through my WIP pile now. Tinuviel has come out of hiding, and the Magpie’s felted tweed v-neck can become bus knitting. I’ve got 15 inches of stocking stitch before anything interesting happens, so he may see his vest before summer hits…

And then there’s the Christmas presents. The list has been prepared – now I’ve just got to get around to getting the Bendi. Maybe this week. As a reward for my lectures. Tee hee hee. I like the sound of that.

But there will be picture soon! I promise. I just hope that cord isn’t in storage. Hmm….. Ah, but I do have a eepc that can read things. I think a photo update just got a little more promising…



  1. three hours! Goodness me seaming is a pain in the arse isn’t it?

    I too am starting to compile a christmas present list. It’s kind of exciting to start this far out!

  2. But I ripped out the stitches so many times!

    I’m considering a KAL for early Christmas presents. If anybody wants to join me, of course… Going at a nice, leisurely pace, 4 and a half months out…

  3. Wow, you’re powering through the projects! Does this signify PhD procrastination? 😉

    Hope you’re enjoying Melbourne, despite the wintery blustery weather!

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