Ah, the sweet sound of gale force winds…

As much as I’d hate to be clichéd, it is a dark and stormy night outside. In fact, if the weather radar is to be believed, it’s only going to get worse. But I’m sitting here, in  cat hair covered wingback chair (antihistamines are my current saviours), nursing a blistering and calloused finger from the crocheted edging I’ve just used to finish my Avalonne. Yes, she is done. A day later than expected, unfortunately, but she is done. (My stash and other sundry items, or, my life in boxes, turned up two hours early yesterday, so much of the day was spent inspecting the boxes).

I’ve just washed her and she’s now blocking. The sleeves have grown with the wash (yay!) and hopefully I can seam them in tomorrow, and I’m not holding my breathe – but maybe my buttons will arrive before Tuesday morning. The Lady Avalonne has an appointment with a Tolkien and Myth lecture (that’s if I haven’t scared too many of them away already. Edward-struck teenage girls are a really tough audience.)

Speaking of Edward… this arrived in the post today. The Magpie, as suspicious and curious as ever opened the package before I even got home, and has claimed the yarn for a new pair of socks for himself. (This claim happens frequently, but is acted upon very rarely).  He has already worn a large hole in his red zaras, and with not extra yarn to darn it, the sock is a goner. (This is where EZ’s replaceable soles come in handy). Besides, he’s already started to eye out these babies. Hmmmm.

Maybe later.

I need to finish the BSJ and Tinuviel first. Then, and only then, am I allowed to look at anything else. Harsh, I know – but I have deadlines to make, and the a stash to make smaller. Oh, and Christmas presents to start thinking about. Might need to consider that sooner rather than later… but first, I have a lecture to finish and a book review to start.

Oh, and a nice cup of rooibos to drink.




  1. ah yes christmas presents, i need to start thinking about that now too! mmmm count sockula, nice. and i like that knitty pattern, i was looking for a new boy-sock pattern. i can feel your cold down there, hope youre settling in well.

  2. I can’t wait now to see Avalonne on Tuesday! I warn you that I’ll pay no attention to a word you’re saying, but will be examining the sweater you’re wearing. And if Snoopy can say ‘it was a dark and stormy night’, so can you!

  3. we need finished object pix Shelley! Now!

    I too am starting to think about Christmas. Adele put in her requests (plural!) this week!

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