On the ning nang nong…

Where the cows go bong, and the monkeys all say Boo!

I’m sorry, I’ve been teaching youth librarians the joys of Ning as a safe and highly customisable alternative to Facebook over the past few months. I was tinkering around with the platform yesterday as a result of a query from one of my former workshop attendees and I now have that silly nonsense rhyme stuck in my head.

It’s been a fairly good weekend for the thesis. I’ve added 1.5k in tweaks to what I’ve already written, and I’m another 1k through a section discussing the development and role of the Prime Evil in a universe with a single creator. It’s all quite fascinating so I’m going along quite nicely – even if I haven’t hit all the secondary evidence yet. Reader-response based research is always so fun! (I hope my panel agrees…)

The final sleeve is also going well. Thanks to a quiet night in on Friday (I still wasn’t feeling well and so was able to bow out of an extended family dinner). I was able to curl up and catch up on some glorious SG-1 (and Atlantis), and a little Ashes too. 7-77 in one session. Mwahahaha. I had been eager to see Onions and Anderson in tandem and they didn’t disappoint. Not at all. Pity we didn’t get to see anything yesterday with all that rain about. (Although I did knit along with Miss Marple last night. Alan Davies and Saffron Burrows, yay!) Television is an evil thing. I’ve 4 more increases and the sleeve cap to go before attempting to do some crochet and blocking. The end is nigh and I’m excited.

So excited, in fact, that I may have just bought my buttons on etsy. I do hope they arrive in time. I ended up getting mother of pearl buttons (like the one in the Knitscene), 4 with vines etched and 24 plain. Just in case. I’m really looking forward to finishing things off. I just hope it blocks well…

And I’m hoping that tomorrow somebody in the university can tell me I’m in the system and give me a place to sit (at least) or a card so I can take books out the library. Actually, I’d be happy if there’s someone in the admin section that knows I exist. I would like to be less snippy than I was last time. I found it a dream in the library the other day – I sat down at a line of study desks with about 30 other students and it was silent. Absolutely silent. It’s unheard of! Hence the productivity in the writing stakes. And a 2.5-3 hour round trip home has done wonders for my knitting.

The sleeve will be done by Wednesday, and at this rate, the BSJ will be finished by next weekend. Then I can have lace in the evenings and something else on the bus. Maybe socks. Oh the possibilities!

I also bought some shoes today. Airflex was having a 70% off sale so I was able to pick up some pretty red/claret heels and some casual shoes for less than half the price of the one pair. Still not quite sure how that worked out, but I’m happy. I’ve been stuck for a week with the suitcase containing all my frequently worn clothes and shoes in storage in the ACT (don’t ask) – some nice new shoes and a little investigation into exactly what I brought down to this part of the world a few weeks ago opens up a whole new range of possibilities. (And I am getting tired of wearing my ANU hoodie in public too). It’s always nice to have a good pair of heels on hand to make you feel all grown up and swish (can you tell I’ve been a student for too long? I still find heels a novelty).

Anyway, best get back to the typing up. I’ve a plan to finish my Prime Evil section tomorrow and then start on the discussion of pride in its theological (superbia) and heroic (ofermōd / hubris) contexts. Ah, the dark side of humanity. It’s never dull.



  1. Now there’s a thought. But I wouldn’t – you don’t threaten the people who hold the keys of power…

  2. Don’t let RoseRed know you have new red shoes, she’ll be flying down as quick as a wink to “disappear” them!

  3. don’t you love that feeling of being near the end of project/s and you can feel the thrill of the new just on the horizon???

    I have to ask – will you get your clothes out of storage? How awful!

    1. I have to come back to the ACT to meet with the panel to discuss the now nearly finished chapter. Will be in the city late August/early September… will get my beloved clothes then.

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