The RTA condundrum…

So I’ve finished sleeve one for the RTA. And the alarm bells have already begun to ring. The body and hood are a perfect fit (I’m knitting the 34″ sweater). But…

The sleeves, well, trying the one on during the construction was a little tight, and I wasn’t too sure about where the cuff was supposed to sit. But anyway, I got to the require 17.25″ and tried the sleeve on before dividing for the cap. Way too short. I mean, nowhere near my wrist bone. So I knitted until the length reached 20″ before dividing for the cap. And it’s still about an inch too short and very tight. But it fits to the body very nicely.

Here’s hoping it loosens up slightly. (Okay, lots). Or I’ll only be able to wear vests under those sleeves. Suddenly something a little more elaborate than just a simple crochet edging around the sleeve is beginning to sound like a good idea. I’ll see when it is all washed, blocked and seamed. (How does RYC Cashsoft DK wash and block… anybody? Does it grow?)

Oh and buttons. Now I need to find some nice buttons. I was thinking pewter or brass or something nice and woody. This is an elvish top, after all.

As for the speed… it should all be finished by the end of next week. Bus knitting is great. As long as I can get the purl twist done before Monday, things will be set.

On a thesis note, the writing is now progressing at a happy pace. And I’m knocking up ideas for my lecture. So much to say, so little time to do so without scaring the kidlets. I think I’ll got with the wacky and the out there, but within reason of things to watch for in all forms of the genre. Happiness abounds.

Okay, back to work. I’m attempting to explain why Angels cannot commit carnal or emotional sins. Easier thought than done.



  1. Pewter buttons! I can totally see pewter buttons… although others would be good too. Fingers crossed for the sleeves. Maybe if you move your arms a lot it will stretch?

  2. Sounds like the work is going well. I hope you’re feeling better now. And that those sleeves loosen a bit with wear!

    1. spiritual actually – like pride and envy. Really interesting. Very academic

  3. well I certainly hope that being in Melbourne you have a better range of buttons than we have here – maybe something as good as the newtown button shop? It’s going to be a beautiful project!

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