TdF’09 Parcours: Montpellier Team Time Trial

Today is the team time trial… and I’ve just watched Denis Menchov wipe out 1km into the course. After yesterday’s astonishing breakaway and thrilling sprint finish, today’s time trial is all about trying to regain as much of that 40 second gap back. It’s all very exciting.

Today is a 39km track around the city of Monpellier, and it looks quite beautiful. Already seen a few triumphal arches, and a lovely aqueduct. Montpellier is apparently the capital city of the region, and is rich in cultural history. Their tourism site states that the city was founded in 1000AD, and has had quite a tumultuous history.

And there goes a Team Lampre member – same corner. First corner. Time trial bikes are not made for their manoeuvrability.

As for the KAL – our time trial is a number of stitches in an hour. I’m going to start mine when I finish this post. I’ll be working on the BSJ – which appears to be my version of James Joyce’s Ulysses – it puts me to sleep. I’ll be interested to see how many stitches I can get done. More info on that later.

It’s going to be an early morning tomorrow. My jaw isn’t healing up the way it should and my surgeon wants to see me first thing. A little apprehensive about it – but at least he didn’t tell me to go straight to my nearest hospital. So we shall see what happens. Fingers crossed its nothing serious…

Okay. Time to knit. Enjoy the race!

Tomorrow is Day One of the 2009 Ashes. You know what that means… Yes. Liesl. Yay!



  1. oh what a disastrous night for some! what will cadel do?! i am not excited about the ashes at all. this is a shame, and its all poncy pontings fault. but i am excited that you are making a liesl. beware the blocking she says. hope the jaw is ok?

  2. I was once stranded for a couple of days in Montpellier by one of the many notorious French train strikes. Beautiful. My memories are of old whitestone (limestone?) buildings with carved details, and open squares and avenues with neat, pollarded rows of trees.

    Poor Cadel. His team is just not good enough.

  3. BSJ is dull is it? I’ll remember that next time I’m suffering insomnia. I keep putting off trying it and am not sure why.

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