TdF’09 – Parcours: Marseille – La Grande-Motte S.3


Stage Three of the race runs from Marseille to La Grande-Motte; 194kms starting with a couple of hills, and ending on the a flat section. Will mark Cavendish stamp his authority all over this stage, or will the other teams get their riders in place for a superb sprint finish?

Marseille is the third largest city in France, and the country’s largest commerical port. It is the country’s oldest Mediterranean settlement – establish by the Greeks as the port city of Massalia (later the Roman Massilia), and hosts evidence of habitation for the past 3000 years. It holds in its history the first recorded outbreak of the bubonic plague, and various military and naval events, due to its strategic placement on the western Mediterranean coastline. Marseille is also a cultural hub, and has been designated as one of the 2013 EU Capitals of Culture.

At the other end of the stage is La Grande-Motte, known as the “French Florida” and home to a number of resorts and hotels. What I’m more interested in, on this end of the stage is the Camargue that the cyclists will ride through. Surely the name will ring a bell for some out there – the poem by Roy Campbell, anybody? Hopefully, we’ll get to see some flamingo, if not their famous horses in the background.

As for my knitting… Between FexEd and Cav, I managed to finish my mittens yesterday – they’re just drying. Will post more about them when I can get out and take some photos. Today has been bootie day – I’ve already whipped up a pair of the Fleeglized Saartjie’s Booties, and I’m going to make a spare before turning to my shawl to try knock off a few rows before we hit the mountains. We’ll see how groggy the next lot of codeine makes me though… otherwise I’ll be plodding my way through the BSJ – mindless garter stitch is good.

I’ve tried and given up on any form of academic work until Thursday (when my medical certificate expires) because I quite simply can’t do any of it. My panel can just go jump.

But now, I have some cycling to watch…

Au Revoir!


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  1. i so wanted to stay up and watch the Marseilles leg of the race. I saw an hour. Better than nothing I guess!

    Looking forward to seeing the mittens completed!

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