15 things…

Blog This: Challenge 7 – the 15 thing meme.
You asked for it, here it is.
01 I have three degrees, busy completing #4.
02 I have worked in a library, in some form or another since I was 6. It was mission impossible for my parents to try get my out of public libraries since I could crawl – I never wanted to leave my kingdom.
03 I am South African by birth, Kiwi by citizenship.
04 I believe that all dogs are puppies, no matter how old they are. because in their eyes, they are 6 months old forever.
05 If I hadn’t gone to uni, I would have probably trained to become a chef.
06 I started knitting again seriously as procrastination for my first year exams at uni.
07 Once upon the time I was able to (and did) wear my hair in Princess Leia buns.
08 If I’m not knitting or reading, I’m at my happiest couching type for letterpress.
09 I have had several hand printing projects on display in special collections exhibition.
10 I’m a lefty.
11 My favourite foods include potatoes, mangoes, and watermelon (not mixed together, of course).
12 I am a sports fanatic – I love golf, cricket, tennis, cycling, rugby union and soccer. I will get up at all hours of the night and morning to watch an important game.
13 My brother is a golf pro (which would probably explain my love of golf).
14 Whinging people and bad spelling irritates me, especially on platforms like Facebook and Fairfax digital newspapers (who wants to play “spot the spelling mistakes in the SMH and The Age”, anybody?)
15 I love turn-based strategy games. Sid Meier is a god.

And there you have it. Fifteen crazy, random and altogether odd points about moi. Hope you enjoyed this installment for BlogThis.



  1. i ‘worked’ in a library when I was 11. A local small town public library where the librarian let me stamp books and do other odd jobs! I never went on to become a librarian though. I never worked out that there was more to it than stamping dates on cards!

  2. Is it bad that I immediately started thinking, “I could absolutely wear my hair in Princess Leia buns to lecture…”?

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