TdF’09 – Parcours: Monaco-Brignoles S.2

Bonsoir! Comment vas-tu?

Today is stage two of Le Tour – where the coast is left and the peleton make their way inland to Provence, ending the stage in the town of Brignoles, which was founded in the middle ages as the court of the the Counts of Provence. It still holds artefacts from the dark ages, and is now known for its peaches, honey and wine.

I’m looking forward to seeing the race today – I had the most unfortunate crash before the Grande Depart yesterday. I managed to see the interviews with Phil and Paul (I love those guys), but a bit of a mishap with my pain medication caused me some anguish.

You see, codeine and I aren’t the greatest of friends at the best of times. It makes me dizzy and uncomfortable at the least, and, since the Nurofen seemed to be working its magic yesterday, I foolishly thought that I could forgo the evil stuff and survive. How wrong I was. When the Magpie left me to go watch his beloved Boks play the Lions at 10.45, I was fine. By 11.25 I was curled up in a ball on a beanbag, desperately clutching at an icepack and sobbing – not only because I’d developed head-and-jaw-ache bad enough for me to not even bear to have the TV or radio on, but because I’d inadvertently ripped my stitches off their needle and had made a dog’s breakfast of trying to rectify the situation. I was still there at 1.30 when the Magpie got home. It took a bit for the drugs to then kick in, to get me into bed, and reassure me that my mitten would be alright (and then update me on my time trials). I think there was enough guilt there that he won’t leave me for his rugby again so soon after an operation. It’s not his fault though – I’d been bouncing around with an ice pack attached to my chin all day without any indication that there may be a big dive. And then I managed to sleep until 2pm today, so I really must have needed the pain killers. Sleep is also a magic ingredient so the more I have, the better it’ll all be, I guess. Now I’m drugged up enough to not feel the pain, and because I know just how bad it actually is, I will accept the grogginess with all its pitfalls.

The mitten too, is all fixed and I’m making my way up to the gusset with speed and determination. (Thank heavens for that, I can hardly read a newspaper, let along a journal article – at least I can feel a little bit productive here).

Tonight’s stage will be a mix of mittens and booties. I am loving this pattern to death – I’ve forgotten how much I love cables – but I think I can pop off a bootie or two during the course of the evening as well. Whilst the purl twist on my RTA is pretty straight forward, I don’t want to risk messed up tension in my current state, nor do I feel like tackling the lace charts of Tinúviel for fear of misreading them completely. Of course, by now the lace itself is pretty easy to read, but you know. I think I’ll stick to something simple and uncomplicated for now. I’ll get back to the hood and the lace when we hit the mountains.

And I really need some mittens.

Sometimes its good to finish a few instant gratification projects when you’ve been working on some demanding bits and pieces for a long time. The end is very nearly nigh on both the RTA and the shawl, and I have some other projects I want to get started (along with the Christmas knitting that I’ll start at the end of Le Tour). The yarn for all of them is in my stash, and I need the space they’re taking up (especially the Jet for the Owls…)

Anyway, its time for me to see if I can manage to eat a blueberry bagel and cream cheese. If that’s successful, I’m allowed to have some porcini risotto tonight. Fingers crossed!

À demain!

Enjoy the cycling, and go FedEx!!!!



  1. Ohhhh the sympathy. I had all four of my wizzies out at the same time, the Mersyndol forte was fabulous until on the 4th day I couldn’t make it from the bedroom to the bathroom for the toilet, a whole 20 metres tops without chanting “toilet, toilet, toilet” non stop.

  2. god that sounds awful. Take your drugs. You’re meant to. Though I guess you’ve figured that out now.

    Am yet to see even a second of the race.

  3. i am only catching the race on updates and highlights myself, i dont know how you are in pain but still up late. im sure you were up till all hours last night watching roger. so take the bloody drugs girly and sleep if you need it!

    1. hehehe. oops?

      How did you know I was up until 4 watching Roger in that ridiculously long 5th set?

      Yes, drugs and sleep are good. *nods*

  4. Drugs are good. Groggy is good when you’re convalescing. It makes you sleep, and sleep is the best treatment for shock and pain. Take time to let your body heal.

  5. Gosh, I had the four out at the same time – and I was awake for it! That kind of made what came after 100% more bearable. Hope you feel better soon and that strange things do not happen to the knitting due to drugs!

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