In which there is planning and cycling

In a few hours the greatest cycling tour on earth will begin in Monaco. Let the heavens rejoice! The cyclists are ready. Now I just have to figure out this apparent live streaming on SBS as I don’t have a set top box and will therefore not get to see the entire tour. grrrr. But that’s besides the point. July is upon us and the KALs are prepped and ready to go.

The maillot à pois rouges this year, as I may have mentioned, focuses on turning WIPs (works in progress) into FO’s (Finished Objects). For me, this means finish Tinúviel and Avalonnë, and now includes my second mitten (I finished the first this morning – I needed to keep my mind off my aching jaw), and a BSJ – if I can get my head around the instructions.

(Along with this, I’ll be knitting up liesl in Malabrigo Worsted “Tortuga” for the AshesKAL, but that starts on Wednesday and belongs to a different post).

Luckily(?) for me, I’ve just had my wisdom teeth taken out, and for now look as though I’ve stolen David Coulthard’s jaw. Luckily there’s not bruising, just a very square jaw, a bad headache and the need to doze at the moment. I have the week off, but I still have a chapter deadline come Friday week, so there’s not much let up there. But I do need to rest, so Wimbledon, Le Tour and knitting are helping me out with that!

I do have one FO to celebrate – The Knitted Hug is complete, and awaiting extras so it can be gifted – full details to follow once it is safely in the hands of the recipient, but for now I’ll just say I’m extremely happy with it, and I hope she is too. This pattern is a winner, and one I’ll do again, on bigger needles and chunkier wool.

But for now, I’m sitting, waiting for the cycling to start (not dead keen on watching the Williams’ sisters screech at each other), three knitting projects surround me, pain killers at close hand, and ice pack wrapped around my face à la classic toothache cartoons.

Thank heavens for sport. And a giant blogroll to wade through. Enjoy stage one of Le Tour through Monaco – I have a mitten to finish.



  1. Good luck with this year’s TDF knitting – you did amazingly well last year, and it was such fun to read along!

  2. good to hear you are home and resting. i love your tour posts too! good result for my team overnight. and that knitted hug is just gorgeous.

  3. Hope your poor jaw feels better soon – there will always be chapter and article deadlines, so just enjoy the knitting!

  4. Oh teeth. Can’t stand having teeth out – hope you are doing ok with the pain and the cartoon head wrap.

    As for the Tour – I only just realised today that SBS were showing the Ashes too, meaning they won’t have all the Tour. Sigh. There goes my plan of taping it to watch the next day.

    1. Ah, but if you have SBS 2, you will be able to see both. They’re showing the conmplete tour on SBS 2, and Ashes and Tour on SBS 1. If you have digital – you have both.

  5. he he I should try and see you while you’re still looking funny! Just don’t want to breathe my germs on you!

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