I knew I shouldn’t have peeked at my blogreader. eep! I’ll wait until the weekend, when I want to hide, and escape into the wonderful world of blogland.

It’s been a horrifically slow day. I think I’m finally starting to feel less drained, but its taken hours. Am having a break from Augustine and Aquinas and am looking at the edging of the blanket… I wonder if I can get that done tonight or tomorrow. Also, 44 rows left on the hood. Can’t wait to start the sleeves. And Gidget pointed me in the direction of this forthcoming book today. I like it, I want it, I will have it. Toe-up patterns. All of them. Pretty patterns, all of them. Happiness abounds.

Still reflecting on my days in Melbourne. Sadly, I didn’t make it into the CBD to see the new Morris and Sons. Next time. Less than a month now. Scary. The furtherest citybound I managed to get was North Balwyn to Cafe Romeo (now that’s what I call a doppio), and our pre-requisite pizza joint, Pizza Espresso. Although Tony Nicolini in the review has since moved on to DOC in Carlton and abandoned the woodfire, the pizza is amazing. Just the plain, sublime Margarita, woodfired to perfection. Ah. I love being a foodie in Melbourne. Sydney and Canberra have nothing on that city.

Food aside, it was one of those weekends where you travel long distances with an intent to do something, and nothing actually eventuates. It was frustrating. Due to a number of conflicting ideals, much of the cleaning that was supposed to be happening in the garage never eventuated. But at least I got a little reading done, which says something. And about 2 inches of hood, so that was okay as well. But other than taking a pair of audiospheres down and safely storing them, we couldn’t quite get the “mission accomplished” out there. A pity, because there is still so much to do in the writing front, and the disposal of large objects and cleaning before we go, and being out of order for a week is making me feel ever so apprehensive. I guess that is a normal response. I think I’d be questioning my sanity if I felt I’d be on top of it all. c’est la vie. I knew it was going to get this tight, but sometimes life doesn’t come to the table when you’re trying to live by a timetable.

The other … distraction happened to be a certain game of ruby being played at Loftus Versfeld between the B&I Lions and the Springboks, which the Magpie was going to watch, come hell or high water. The AB’s game was underwhelming, the Wallabies – well, thank heavens they have Giteau – perfunctory. And then the Boks. That was a game of rugby. All 80 minutes of it. All I will say on this matter now is, ladies and gentlemen – we have a competitive Tri-Nations coming up. And by competitive I mean for once the AB’s are awful and the Wallabies and the Boks have pretty good sides. I’m looking forward to the contest. (And then there was Wimbledon. Ah, Wimbledon. I do, however, find that I enjoy the radio commentary more).

As for the trip itself… it is always so lovely to drive in winter, when there’s rain. As I mentioned in my slighted incoherent and very tired post yesterday it was such a delight to drive through the riverina and northern Victoria. Rolling green hills and fluffy clouds as far as they eye could see. What a stark contrast to late January when we last drove up to the ACT. And the sections of woodland next to the road where the trees still bear the scars of the horrific fires stood in stark blackened contrast to the green carpet beneath their branches. If we’d been able to stop I’d have taken some photos. It really was such a picturesque drive, especially for the greenery and the full waterholes, the millions of little lambs, baby alpackys (so cute!) and calves dotting the landscape, all enjoying the plentiful food now on offer.

The drive back was one of mixed emotion. The ground was too wet for the roadworks so we (for once) had a fairly uninterrupted journey back to the Capital, and the passing showers kept things interesting coming out of Melbourne in the dark and at rush hour. We were wondering when we would next take the trip in this direction again. Driving back to Canberra. It was an odd feeling. I know I’ll be taking the train in this direction more often than not, but by car… I really don’t know. How very introspective of me.

Anyway, my Prince of Egypt soundtrack is just about finished, and the argument of angelic nature and free will is beckoning me back to my notes. Well, that and my planning for Challenge 6. Definitely a fun one. Thoughts?



  1. what a great lot of pressure you’re under at the moment. It’s going to be tight, as you say.

    I can imagine that drive back was sort of poignant. It’s weird to think you won’t be here in a while….

  2. Gosh, you sound unbelievably busy right now. Good luck with the rest of the moving preparation.

  3. moving, thesising, introspection. a lot on your plate. try and not be too hard on yourself, it will all come together in its own way.

  4. Augustine *and* Aquinas. In the same sentence. Wow. When I was a school we were expected to understand their great contribution to western thinking, but it never really stuck with me.

  5. And now it’s cold and stormy… resisting saying it’s a dark and stormy night… in Melbourne. It’ll be fine – somehow we always get through the tight bits!

  6. omg! busy bee you are… sent off the parcel for you today, hope you wont miss it when it finally arrives. 😉
    hope all goes well on your side 😀

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