Back from the border… south of the border.

Just a quick post to say I’m back online. Just spent a few days cleaning space in the place we’re going to be staying in Melbourne. Will blog more later. Just wanted to say how gorgeously GREEN Victoria looked. I’ve not seen that sort of lush green rolling hills and gamboling lambs since driving through the Waikato. It was such a stark contrast to January when last we drove through the countryside.

RTA: 6 inches of hood to go.

Hemlock Blanket: one more fan to bind off.

6 Days to TdF. (Go Team Quickstep!)

Just over a week till the first Ashes test.

4 days till the wisdom teeth come out. Just been out to stock up on custard, jelly, yoghurt and soup… have I missed anything?

I need to crash. It’s been a long four days, and the next four are going to be just as tough. I love a good adventure. (Anybody remember 3 Musketeers?)

(Oh, and as a really odd point to ponder… Where did hell as fire and brimstone first get mentioned in a Christian context? I know it was borrowed from Hades… I just have a sneaking suspicion that my old friend Augustine coined the image. I love the fact that there was no hell until the New Testament. The things you really learn when analysing theology…)

Yes, sleep. That’s it. I’ll make more sense tomorrow. I don’t even want to look at my blog reader…



  1. Now there’s an interesting question on which to exercise my google-fu… I’ll let you know if I find anything.

    It’s a fine thing when you’re looking forward to oral surgery as a way to get some time off!

  2. Yes, bring on the codeine! And Xylocaine gel is brilliant, too. Hey, thanks for the comments on my blog…so nice to meet you and I’m cheering you on with your thesis. I haven’t really celebrated yet (it actually feels strangely anticlimactic) but that necklace is something I kept promising myself I would buy when I finished. So why haven’t I bought it yet? Hmmm. I think I’m off to Paypal.

  3. Aaaah green grass, wonderful stuff, isn’t it. I love Melbourne, too.

    Good luck with the wisdom teeth – unpleasant stuff. Hubby is having a tooth extracted on Friday (keeps getting abscesses, and can’t be saved, and is at the FRONT, sigh). Will be thinking happy dental thoughts for you.

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