I need a holiday…

…Not that it’ll happen until December though.

I’m getting things done.

I *think* about 3/4’s of the house is now packed. Just not quite sure what is going to happen to boxes, the book crossing books Taph lent me, and the other paraphernalia in the garage. I’ll worry about that later.

The draft (“pseudo”) abstract my panel requested had been done. I do find it vaguely amusing that, after they stressed it’s a draft – I get a list of things I forgot to add to it. I haven’t written the damn thesis yet. Yeesh. Let me write the chapter instead of making me frittle my time away on things to make you feel better about my doing stuff. Gah. Bureaucracy.

There’s 10 inches (80 rows) of RTA hood left to go before I start on the sleeves. For some reason, 80 rows sounds far more achievable than 10 inches. I have decided that the top of the hood will be grafted, not given the recommended 3-needle bind-off. The picture in the book looks grafted, and I want it to sit flat. And there will be a nice, neat, single-crochet edging to the hood and sleeves when done. This means I need to learn how to neatly single-chain an edging but I’m willing to learn. I need to try and persuade the FMIL to start crocheting again, this may just be the way to do it.

There are 3 more “fans” of my hemlock blanket to go before blocking. I got a good chunk done whilst sitting in the car, waiting for the Magpie, and listening to the “Ute-gate” scandal on the radio. Okay, a few things need to be said here: These politicians a) have short memories (John Howard and his brother’s bankrupt factory, anybody?) b) are far too bored for their own good and c) have nothing on the British Houses of Parliament and their duck-house-blacking-out-of-receipts-PM-that-just-doesn’t-get-the-hint fiasco. Bring back the Queen. I’m sure she has far more sense and functionality than any of her constituent governments.

Ahem. Right. Onto something I’m very excited about. In fact, I’ve been waiting all year for this to come round again.

It’s July soon. That means KAL time. Le Tour‘s KAL is back on (This time in Ravelry), but this is is special for another reason. The Ashes. And yes, dear knitters, there’s a KAL for that too. YAY!!!!

I’ll be back contesting the maillot à pois rouges this year, hopefully for QST again, if but to get as many of my languishing FO’s (read: Tinúviel) done. And the Ashes will see me try start and finish my Tortuga Liesl, which will be named Tar-Mìriel, across the duration of the series. Hmmm… I think I’m going to side with the Poms. I’m sorry, I just don’t like Ponting. I really don’t like Ponting.  He’s on level pegging with Tony Greig in my books.  And while it looks as though the English won’t have Vaughn and Harmison, and possibly not even KP… (fingers crossed he plays all the tests), they do have Graham Onions. And boy am I looking forward to seeing him bowl.

So yes, wonderful Wimbledon started last night (and now I have the Wombles song in my head), there is much to be done on the needles, in the house and on the thesis.

Will post when I can. Toodle pip, and enjoy the tennis!



  1. I’m also Tour de Francing (to quote the wonderful Phil Liggett) again this year. Yellow jersey category as I’m trying to make a Tangled Yoke cardi for my daughter. I also don’t like Ponting, but nothing – absolutely nothing – could ever make me cheer for Engand in a test match. Any other team is possible, but not England!

  2. I had just that thought about the whole panel/confirmation thing – just let me get on with writing a chapter! Very exciting news about RTA. I do want to try my hand at that pattern someday, so can’t wait to see yours.

  3. I love this time of year – tennis, cycling, cricket…I’m with you, I don’t like (P)Ricky either. But I can’t support the Poms!!!

    1. You’re an Aussie, of course you can’t support the Poms. There are principals to this sort of thing. :p

      I don’t have that burden. I can choose between the Proteas and the Black Caps. No guesses who I’ve currently got my eye on.

  4. hmm perhaps i should do TdF this year. as for the ashes, go the west indies i say. obviously i am not a true aussie as i think i would rather see england win than pontings bunch of sissy nancy ponces. gah.

  5. Thanks for the heads-up about the Ashes kal! I’ll be a cricket widow again this summer, doing a kal might be a good way to pass the time…

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