In which the heroine is staring at the computer screen with bleary eyes…

Where does the time go?

That’s right: there are three things notorious for being black holes for time: visitors, packing, and theses. I’ve currently endured all three. But onto more important things.

I’d like to say that I enjoyed WWKIP day as I had planned to do, in Sydney. Or failing that, in Canberra. But the truth is even the best laid plans often come to nothing. There was no WWKIP day for me. There was a 7am trip to the farmer’s market and the completion of the body of my RTA while the Magpie went back to bed and his father sat on a red beanbag and read… but I did not venture forth anyway. So much for an escape. Maybe next year, somewhere.

Avalonne is looking lovely, she fits beautifully and is begging to be finished. I have a deadline: the second week of August. It may even happen. With that goal in mind,  I’ve foregone casting on the sleeves for the hood. I know that if I finish the sleeves first, I’ll never get the 13 inches of purl twist in the hood done. This way, the body and hood will be finished, with just the sleeves to go – that should work as a carrot for me.

The hemlock is going very slowly with the applied i-cord. I may have mentioned earlier, but I ripped it back and started again, this time with 5 stitches instead of 3. Works like a charm. I’ve managed to get around a quarter of the blanket done. Deadline for that is the beginning of July. I need to have it blocked before we hit cat city.

In thesis news, it has been a week of re-drafts, re-plans, and some face to face contact with panel members. It did result in two days of not writing up, but that means there is much to catch up on this weekend.(In my defence, it has been two days of detailed chapter planning and the Summa Theologica.)

In packing news, our relocation had come forward a month to preserve both the Magpie’s and my sanity as the end of his scholarship lurks closer. It’s going to be sad to go, but considering I’m looking at another 10 months before submission (wishing it was sooner), I’m not quite done with the capital yet. But there is some destash, as soon as I can get the photos uploaded, but quite a bit will probably go to Vinnies.  More on the trials and tribulations of packing up shop as it occurs.

Right now, I just want a nice hot cup of rooibos and a few rows of purl twist. I just can’t wait to wear Avalonne.



  1. isn’t it absolutely the joy of knowing you’ll soon wear your new handknit the reason we push on? It’s such a great thing to be able to do. Looking forward to seeing it.

    You’ve really got a load on at the moment. I hope there is some space in there for a little down time.

  2. I can’t wait to see Avalonne! If I can will your needles faster, I will.

  3. you got tons on at the moment, cant wait for it all to be over and see the photos of the FO’s 🙂

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