It is done! (3 more to go!!!)

The first quarter-equivalent of my thesis is off to be attacked with red ink by members of my panel. Next one is due in a month. Best get cracking then. Whew. I just need to keep reminding myself that it’s only a first draft. There will be edits and restructuring. I wonder how the absent panel will react though. Will the be disappointed? Have I done enough? Time and red ink will tell.

To cheer myself up, I can now post my version of what Gidget terms a “yarn margarita”. Mine arrived on Tuesday and Wednesday. I’d left them in the office since then, but they’re coming home with me tonight! Aren’t they pretty?

My Yarn Margarita: Knit Picks Shadow, Posh Yarns and Mmmmmmmalabrigo
My Yarn Margarita: Knit Picks Shadow, Posh Yarns and Mmmmmmmalabrigo

So incredibly yummy. The Knit Picks Shadow in “Sunset” was a gift from the ever-wonderful Bells, who always has impeccable taste. The Posh Yarn Charlotte in “Atlantis” (you have no idea how much meaning that name has to me) is from a draw I won over at Princess Pea for sponsoring her in the Race for Life around Battersea Park. Princess Pea remains a great source of inspiration, and I think I’m going to try the couch to 5k again, just becuase of her (Thank you Anna!!!). And the Mmmmmmmmmmmalabrigo is mine, all mine. A Liesl in Tortuga (I love that colourway so much), and that Amanda Hat in Paris Night. I can’t wait to go home and skein my malabrigo up. Liesl is going to be a TdF/Ashes KAL, methinks. If I can wait that long. Here. Have another look…

such stunning colours!
such stunning colours!

I think I like this yarn-reward idea. Pity I’m going to be packing it all up soon. But before I ramble on a bit about that, this is my grrr piece.

Remember that lovely Fibreworks silk I bought at the OBDM? Well, Bells blogged about her purple tangle from their stall the other day, and I’ve been eyeing my silk with some concern for a while now, so I decided to skein it up to make a “Karius” scarf (the stocking stitch Baktus). I nearly cried. Look:

Double stranded, and knotted together, mid skein - not once...
Double stranded, and knotted together, mid skein - not once...

but twice, and...
but twice, and...

a knot in one strand and not the other
a knot in one strand and not the other

Very poor form, Fibreworks. I paid a princely sum for that silk, and to have 3 knots, and double stranded knots too. I’m not impressed. I’m now going to have to repull these and single strand them…
a lot of work to still go here.
a lot of work to still go here.

Anyway. The Magpie and I are going to be leaving Canberra in late July/early August for the wetter climes of Melbourne and the friendly climes of Aotearoa for a few months as we finish our collective theses. I’ve been worrying about the packing and the sheer amount of junk (and stash) that has been collected over the time we’ve been here. He stops and looks at me on Tuesday.

“It’s June.”
“I know.”
“We’re going to need to start packing soon.”

We decided in the dim, distant month of April that we were to start sorting and packing over the weekends in June and early July as to not disrupt the thesising too much. I’m guessing the panic set in when he realised how much junk we actually have. And that we’re going to have to get rid of everything: Beds, desks, chairs, fridge, bookshelves, everything. If we do end up in the UK, we can’t afford to wait 4 months for furniture to arrive if one of us has only a 2 year post-doc secured. It really has to be pack your bags and go. Ah, the life of a postdoc.

My problem is my stash. It is still quite modest by a number of standards. But 3 50l tubs and 2 big boxes of yarn is a lot of wool to try move, especially when you’re moving around. The rational thing would to be take it all with me. No, that’s not rational. I wouldn’t even want to try and explain to border security why I have roughly 15kgs of yarn in my possession while trying to clear customs. I’m going to have to be quite good. Send my summer knitting to my parents ahead of time, decide what yarn I really cannot part with and leave it with the Magpie’s parents until I have a forwarding address. And destash the rest. I am a bit of a snob now (just refer to the margarita above for confirmation), so there is much that was for specific projects and I just haven’t used them yet, and some that I bought and will never use. I just need to be strong. I’ll post my destashes here as they come about, and add them to the Rav page as well. what doesn’t go will go to Vinnies. It’s quite a devastating feeling. But, one must always have a good supply of yarn – so I will then have an excuse to get more. Yay.

Anyway. The packing and moving will provide humorous fodder for weeks to come. I now have to clean this up, and start planning the second quarter:

Messy chapter 1 desk. Nice view though.
Messy chapter 1 desk. Nice view though.

Then, it’s home to listen to the crazy folk at Radio Roland Garros for the men’s semi-finals (Go FedEx!!!!!!), and see how much more Hemlock I can get done tonight. I’m increasing all the way out to 568 stitches. I have 11 rows to go! (Then we get to the applied i-cord. But that’s another story).

Have a good (long) weekend. Stay safe!



  1. Nice haul on the yarn (but bummer about the Fibreworks – gah!)

    Good idea not to leave the packing until the last minute.

  2. you have my sympathy re packing. sigh. nice yarn haul tho. and planning for stash management much more productive than worrying over red ink comments. take what you need and leave the rest. comments i mean, not yarn xx

  3. I love your margaritas!! And your mess is much tidier than my chapter writing desk. I usually can’t find anything on it unless the piles start transferring to the floor as well!

  4. that’s a really haul! Just more stuff for you to move but meh, it’s all worth it!

    Packing. It’s a headache. I don’t even want to contemplate it myself!

  5. Good luck with the thesis corrections. Read them through at least twice before you apply them just in case they have made an error, it happens.
    Total crap about the yarn, there is nothing I hate more than paying good money for good yarn and then finding dirty great big knots in it all. I commiserate with you completely.

  6. You’re thinking of moving over here…just as I leave…lol…oh sweet irony…lol…that is a great view from your window though…oh most flats over here are furnished so not too bad! :o) Take care and have fun with the knitting… :o)

  7. I’m so glad you like the Posh yarn – Dee is my favourite UK dyer. Good luck with the couch to 5k; I know it’s a horrible cliche, but really, if I could do it having never run before, anyone can. There is a great podcast series that goes with the program that I found really helpful:

    On the packing front, I’d just store most of the stash and buy any new yarn as I went along – the stash will still be there waiting for you when you get back…

  8. Seriously, that is NOT messy desk 🙂

    Lovely bunch of yarny goodness there! Bugger about the knots, though, poor form indeed.

    Good luck with the writing and packing – neither is an easy task (or ten). When we got back from hubby’s 3 year postdoc in the States, we got back our carefully stashed boxes from various parents’ places, and were amazed at what we’d saved – most of it went straight to Vinnies!

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