“If I were to invent something to make life easier or more fun for me…and WHY.. “

For Blog This: Challenge 2

If I could invent anything to make my life easier presently… It would have to be:

A thought-reading programme for my computer.

Voice-recognition software can be a pain to edit, and long periods of typing can be painful. Period. If I could create something that I could just think the sentence/idea/paragraph and it’d pop up on the screen, all nicely formatted – and I could edit by thought too – my life would be so much easier.

Think of all the things that could be done while thinking to the computer – eating, knitting, all the laundry that really needs to be done or else you’re going to end up with no clothes very soon… And it would be especially helpful during those periods when a brilliant idea/paragraph/sentence pops into your head, and you’re nowhere near a pen and paper, or you’ve got your hands full chopping onions, and by the time you can write it down – poof, it’s gone like little bunny Foo Foo.

Of course, I’m not quite inventing anything along the lines of the Neuromancer, just an interface where you mentally “write”, there’s no plug-in-and-upload-how-to-fly-a-helicopter application here. That’s a little too dystopian for me. I’d still like to be able to learn by doing, not up uploading.

Ah, just the thought of thinking my thesis onto computer… restructuring and editing each chapter while blissfully knitting away. Sounds perfect.



  1. oh how useful would that be? But a bit scary too – to think somethign and see the words pop up sometimes might a bit embarrassing?!

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