It’s justified! I swear!

I’ve just been very naughty. I ordered myself a *leeetle* mmmmmmmmmmmalabrigo from Yarn and Kisses. Just a little. (You know, some Paris Night in the worsted weight to make myself another Amanda Hat [story and photos for the first one to follow tomorrow] , some Tortuga (also worsted) for Liesl, and some more laceweight for posterity.)

I’ve timed it so that it *should* arrive the day I send off my very drafty first chapter to my panel (funny story there). But I’m not allowed to touch any of it, other than to fondle for inspiration of course, until I have finished at least one of the the Hemlock Baby Blanket/Tinuvel. The RTA is actually growing at a surprising pace now. I may even finish the body by the time the presentation for the S14 final rolls around at 3am on Sunday morning. (Ever the optimist).

As for the panel. I put my foot down yesterday and accosted the new graduate convener. (Who, admittedly had only been convener for the past 2 weeks and had no idea of the back story behind the fiasco that is my panel). She was apologetic and mortified over my lack of supervision for the past… well, since I began, and has basically left the panel as is, with one exception: the woman whom I really didn’t want on my panel in the first place (a great naysayer in my topic change) will now be my chair and co-supervisor. Not sure how that works, but I guess it’ll have to. My original supervisor will co-supervise from a distance (as he has ever done), and my wonderful, angelic adviser will remain just so. I really need to find a lovely shawl pattern for her. Maybe something feather-and-fan-ish – or old-shale-ish – her area is Old Scots, I don’t know – any suggestions? That fact that there’s a chapter in the works makes everybody cheerful for some reason. (Just don’t ask about the quality. eek)

I’ll find out “officially” tomorrow about the arrangements, and may get summonsed to have a chat. I still think the way everything was handled and I was left in the dark absolutely appalling, but, as they say, fortune favours the brave. I ain’t going down without a fight this time. One day (once upon a time in an alternate universe), when I am a supervisor, I’m not going to ever let any student go what I’ve been through in my entire postgraduate career. And I’ve got off lightly.

Anyway. I need to write some on the importance of Fëanor in the history of the peoples of Middle-earth. Then, maybe then, I will do a little knitting. Because I earned it.



  1. Yarn treats! Brilliant – and you deserve it! All I can do is congratulate you on your determination never to let one of your future students go through this. Too often, the temptation is to revisit the horror on students – got to make the system better! Good luck with the writing!

  2. i dont understand why they have to make it so bloody hard! for a bunch of supposedly smart people they are really dumb sometimes. i hope you get it sorted how you like, and more importantly, get your thesis finished how you like. jealous (1000) about the malabrigo. one can never have enough really.

  3. i can quite recommend the feather and fan comfort shawl – it’s a delightful pattern. I’ve overlooked it before because it’s always looked so gaudy, but give it some thought.

    MMm malabrigo…good work!

  4. Old Shale is one of the REALLY OLD Shetland (partly Scottish!) Islands, so I’d say it’s perfect for your advisor.

  5. So you have learned something that will be useful in the future. That’s me, always about the pedagogy. 🙂 I am now nearly 4 years into my p/t process and still haven’t been advised if my candidature has been confirmed. I’ve emailed, my sup has emailed, no-one seems to know if the 10,000 words I wrote at the time were good enough. Gee, I hope that’s not a problem when I come to submit in about 2 year’s time. “What, submit? I’m sorry, your candidature was never confirmed.”

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