Why yes, I have been silent lately. Work and thesis are demanding all of my time, and there’s been very little in the way of anything remotely fascinating to talk about, nor time to post. So, I thank you for your patience. I’m hoping for a picture post of what I saw in Brissie, and maybe a little something about jet-setting across Australia and writing literature seminars (for a change) tomorrow. Also a bit on the latest knitted hug I finished on the road. (Mental note – get some 3.25mms asap).

Here’s hoping anyway. Oh yeah, I LOVE THIS WEATHER!!!
Ya’ll keep warm now. I think I need to go find some tea…



  1. hello!!! Glad to see you are home in one piece.

    if you were thinking of doing a mail order for knitpicks dpns, I might be interested in sharing postage….

  2. hello glad to hear all is well
    would love to hear about your roadtrips- i love them 🙂
    Keep warm ( i really dont like winter!!! or autumn for that matter!) keep well
    see you when time is more obandant in your life 😉

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