A lovely, lazy weekend.

Dr K came down for the weekend, and a Saturday of good food, good music and good conversation (although the youngest member of the party blabbed on like the young’un she is, and feels slightly embarrassed for not being told to “shhhh” at times).

It was lovely to sit out on the deck and eat lovely cupcakes, to die for sausage rolls, scones, crisps, the all important cheese and crackers, and bubbly stuff.

There were also scenes of sheer delight as gifts from Mother England were given out by Dr K, and books were intently examined.

It was a lovely afternoon with a fabulous bunch of ladies (and one happy puppy) – thanks all!

On FO news, here is finish pair of Leif Eriksson‘s – knitted in The Knittery Chubby Sock “Earth” and they are just fabulous. Lovely pattern, lovely yarn, and the mods all worked well – (an added gusset and short row heel – see rav notes for details)

I’m looking at maybe Monkey‘s for my next socks. I love toe-up because there is a cast off, not a Kitchener stitch toe-graft, and, quite frankly, heel flaps scare me. This is, of course, all completely unreasonable of me, and I am missing out on many lovely patterns due to this irrational fear of all things cuff-down (in saying that, however, I am very disappointed that Cookie A.’s book of sock patterns do not contain a single toe-up sock. I am smitten with three of her patterns. Not sure about the graphs though.)

Well, I’m off to Brisbane for 4 days – 3 workshops and much nervousness to come. I’ll sneak what blogging I can in, and I’ll go and explore when I’m not sleeping or attempting a few lines on the Pensky file. May the madness continue.

Oh, I almost forgot. I gifted Brian to Magpie’s father as his birthday present. He was speechless, touched, and very happy. I guess that was a knitted hug too – and one I was happy to be present for to see the reaction. (I hate being around when people open gifts I’ve given them. I get really embarrassed).


  1. Lovely socks! I’ve been meaning to knit that pattern for so long, they look fantastic!

    Look at that great spread of food – delicious! And overhoyed Bells! Very cool.

  2. The socks are really cool, love the colour. I made a pair of Monkeys last year and the pattern was easy to follow and remember after the first repeat, so I didn’t have to keep checking the instructions which was great. I did the knitted kitchener toe graft. Really quick, and easy enough to do, just cut the yarn and use your knitting needles for the graft. Pretty cool not having to thread a sewing needle!.

  3. i love monkeys, you will be totally into them i swear. i want more of those cupcakes. and i think renee will be eating sausage rolls for about three more weeks. by the way, who let the dogs out and the makerana do not constitute good music

  4. Looks like a lot of fun

    Great chubby socks – I have the reverse dislike for toe up socks so what you say about the Cookie A book sounds good to me! Though it is a little odd to have everything all in one direction

  5. i second what K said about who let the dogs out and the makarena. BAD. And Renee had the nerve to have a go at me for music I played when she came to my house!!!

    1. I never said the Makarena and Who let the dogs out was good! It is bad, bad, nasty pop music. But, I was only a schoolgirl when those two songs were released. And reminiscing is allowed. It was MJ and Mary Poppins that I’m still grooving to. (Thanks Renee!!!)

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