A week survived!

It has been a long few weeks, but I pdf’s and sent off the handouts for three full-day workshops today. I now have a few days of pensky file and knitting, and then I need to write a workshop for a 2 day in-house workshop at the end of the month. At least I learnt what DAMS and AGLS are today. All I will say on the matter is AGLS seems to be quite pointless. No wonder few institutions have really adopted it. But that was half the hard work done for that stint. Now I can rest. Well, not really. There is a house to clean and clothes (and knitting) to pack before we catch the train tomorrow. (very exciting). Then, I can crash. (The Magpie is very enchanted with his GTA game, so I get the distinct impression I’ll be doing all the housework this evening as well. What a surprise.)

The concept of sitting in first class for 7 hours and knitting is very, very appealing at the moment. I look forward to it with great glee.

At 12.30 this afternoon I plugged the names of people who commented on my anniversary post into a random generator, and

Jennifer over at A Little Bit Crafty

with be receiving the surprise she requested after Easter. Thanks for reading, Jen, and thanks everybody for your comments, it was really insightful to hear what you had to say. I really love to read people’s comments, and when somebody comes out of the woodwork I find it really exciting to see what they blog about too. I learn something new every day from my readers, so thanks again!

In stash enabling news, Yarn and Kisses is clearing out all their Zara stock for A$6.50 a ball, and there’s 10% off their Malabrigo until the 14th – so get thee hence and snaffle up some gorgeous Zara while it’s cheap. (I snaffled all the charcoal for a Gathered Pullover.) I’ve been dying to knit with Zara for a while, and now I can. After I finish my RTA and my Owls. I’m aiming to get a good chunk of the body/shaping done on my RTA tomorrow. Yay!

I’ve been working on my Leif Eriksson, and I’m halfway through the gusset now. I may even turn the heel tomorrow or Thursday, then it’s a sweet ride to the finish from there. Ah knitting, you keep me sane.

And on that note, I think I’m going to go have a glass of Baileys and start cleaning house.
I’ll see ya’ll tomorrow.



  1. thank you for selecting me randomly.
    and also, it has to be said, for the directive to hasten to Y&K. might have done that already.

  2. enjoy your charcoal, and thank you for buying it before i could get there. no really, i mean it 🙂

  3. i like your approach to house cleaning – alcohol and at night time. I’m rather keen to try that!

    Have still resisted the zara sale. Aren’t I good?

  4. dang, I missed the anniversary draw. oh well! Hope you have a lovely trip. I love train trips for the knitting opportunity they provide!

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