M-O-N-D-A-Y S-U-C-K-S!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, watch this. They’d play it on a Monday morning on the radio when I was getting ready for school a long time ago now.

And it was one of those kinds of days. One of those days where you really start to wonder if everything you’re doing is worth it. The Pensky File has remained woefully neglected due to the courses I’m working on to present, and even then i was wondering if those courses were worth it. If blogging was really worth it. If I should have even poured myself out of bed this morning.

Then came the afternoon, some resolutions of serious issues in the workshop department (and all but 8 slides done, and 5 of them screen captures), some red bull, a quick phone call with the Magpie who was querying something he read in one of my History of Middle-earth volumes lying around the house (which I could answer straight away and with cross-referencing detail), and the few comments on my anniversary post (get in there a leave a comment people, anything will do, unless you don’t want to go in the draw for a nice little care package – midday AEST tomorrow deadline!). Thanks to those who commented, you’ve made me get a really good feel about perception and what I can do further.

Maybe it was the resolution of a few tense issues that really drained me this morning, maybe it was my Magpie, my blog, or the red bull – but suddenly things didn’t look too bad. I have some brains, I am wanted in at least one field of expertise, and I love what I do. All I need now is cooler weather and milo, and everything will be okay.

I rescued my second Leif Eriksson from obscurity and resumed as bus knitting today, it’s going at a nice pace – it always does with the pattern only on the instep. And I had to hibernate my felted tweed v neck and hemlock blanket due to lack of working 3.25mm circs. This needs to rectified quickly. I went into Lincraft for a quick fix yesterday, only to discover the only 3.25mm circs were 40cm in diameter. Huh? I mean, seriously, What? I sighed, took the Cleckheaton Bamboo out of the Magpie’s hands (he really likes that stuff, and the spice colour too), and left in disgust. I wish my government-enabling-bonus would arrive so I can get myself some nice needles already. So those are 2 projects off the boil (pity because I’m dying to get into that feather-and-fan lace on the Hemlock). So I have a few left to potter along with and get suitably finished to reward myself with other fun projects now.

And this is my latest FO – Mom’s cowl, I’ve renamed it Ashwood. I love this pattern, and am very impressed with the way my mods came out.
84 stitches on 5mm needle. Roughly 102m of worsted weight Manos Wool Clasica. 3 repeats of 16 rows, then one of the first 11 and 3 border rows on each side. Floppy enough to pin, snug enough to leave well alone. Mom’s going to love it.

Firstly, a pinned cowl:

Cowl as is.

Another FO to cross of my list. I think I’ll aim for a pair of socks before Easter, and then the wrap after that. That’s the plan anyway. There’s also the Paris-Roubaix this Sunday, which I am very excited about, I love this race – its on SBS (12/4, 10.10pm), and I will be up and knitting. I think I’ll pack my wrap just for the occasion! Cavendish, O’Grady and Cancellara, are just some of the names there. No Schleck brothers, no Cadel, no Vandervalde. But that is of no matter. This course is something else.

I have miso soup to make and powerpoints to proof. Tomorrow is going to be a long day.



  1. nice cowls you have happening there. i need some needle stimulus too! glad you got through a bad day, the soul searching is good thing tho xx

  2. That’s a gorgeous cowl. I think my winter this year will need one or two of those.

    Look I think we’re better off on Mondays if we just start with the assumption that it’s going to be the suckiest day of the week. Anything after that that isn’t sucky is just a bonus, I say.

    Will you buy a set of circs like knitpicks or something with your bonus? If you need to borrow anything, let me know.

    1. Thank Bells!

      I have been toying with the idea of some knit picks options now for a while, but I really need some smaller circs – 2.25 – 3.25mm needles as well – I’m not sure if knitpicks goes that low on their standard circs, or maybe they do – needles are definitely on the agenda when the money comes through…

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