Thank heavens for the weekend

I was going to post this last night, but then we had a spectacular electric storm, and the Magpie stole the internet afterwards, and I had no hope of reclaiming it again

Whew, what a write off. I hate days where you just feel too sick to do anything. Not listening to music, or *gasp* knitting, or reading because your brain wants to explode. Luckily there was been sleep, and that seems to have made things a little better. And there will be more sleep so in the morning I feel my old self. [I do, funnily enough]

The poll seems to say that the RTA has the win. Probably a good idea. I have many projects on the go, and I really should finish some before starting others. If OWLS is as quick a knit as is claimed, it shouldn’t take me too long to do once I’ve got RTA well under way (and maybe a sock done…)

I also got my postcard from Cape Town in the lucky draw I won. Wil post photos of it and the clouds that came creeping over yesterday evening. I wish I’d managed some photos of the light show – it was incredible.

Anyway, tomorrow is housekeeping – in all manners of meaning., sorting out powerpoints, look at what to pack for the Easter trip (and what to wash) and generally get everything I didn’t get done today, done. I want a day to do the pensky file and knit on Sunday. That is my aim. I’ll get back to you on the success of my goal – if any.



  1. Hope you’re feeling much much better now, and that you get all the stuff done this weekend that needs to be done 🙂

    Weren’t the storms last night wonderful?!

  2. i’m with you on all that brain exploding stuff. I’m hibernating today in direct response to my own neuro-exploding!

    I think you should try an Owls. You know why? I want to see one in person!

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