I miss the cold, the wet, the rainy. Years in the south of Aotearoa will do that to you (from all reports, those living in the Apple Isle will know exactly what I’m talking about). I hate the weather’s stubborn refusal to act autumnal, because it’s giving me a major headache. There’s a migraine coming on, and I don’t like it. Hopefully a good night’s sleep will nip it in the bud, I just wish it were cooler.

In other (more exciting) news, I’ve been looking for a decent bag for all my stuff. My back is shocking, so I wanted something with decent support, some ergonomic modeling, and space for all my stuff. It arrived today. My Axio Swift 2.0 (in the red too). Very shiny, very comfy, and it fits a lot of stuff in the hard-shelled back. One day, I may even own a bike to go with the bad, but right now, I have a well built, comfortable lady-bug-bag, which felt very comfy even on the test run this afternoon. Did I mention it’s red? Very, very cool.

Having spent the morning in front of the computer editing screenshots, I treated myself to an afternoon of working on my RTA. I love RYC, and I love cashsoft DK. Man, oh man, oh man. 20 rows to go before the first lot of decreases but I am flying – this yarn is so squishy, I want to get this sweater done asap so I can wear it soon! Not the most instant of jersey patterns I could have picked. (I think I may cast on an OWL in the Jet I bought for it. It is the closest thing to jersey gratification out there, or so I’m told). Thoughts?

Tick a box, leave a comment. You know you want to.

I’ll be taking Tinuvel with me, but I’m not touching it in a moving vehicle. I learnt my lesson last time. I bought some Knit Picks nickle tips to finish it off – certainly less of a fight than the harmonies (note: Malabrigo + Wood needles = bad). Can’t wait to get that shawl done (or it to get cold so I can wear it).

When I’m not prepping for workshops, of course. blah. It’s just been one of those days. Maybe tomorrow will feel better.

I hope so, anyway.



  1. At this point I’d rather like to send you some of my cold and damp. It’s wreaking havoc on my gardening ambitions and making my knees ache. Woe is I… 🙂

  2. OH i am the complet opposite!
    I am so loving the heat, can’t even think of cold…

    the bag looks great

    knitting -wow girl you get dont quickly! i am still busy with same two projects for – well -forever 😉

  3. More cold! I agree with you. It’s the reason why I set off for places like Quebec in the middle of their winter.

    And I couldn’t resist voting for owls! I love owls… I’m just doing owling mittens now, myself.

  4. A good bag is worth its weight in Wollmeise. I have two, neither very expensive, but They Both Work. And that’s what matters. Hope you’re feeling better

  5. i LOVE that bafg, its gawgus! and if it doesnt get realy cold real soon im going to go postal

  6. Mmm red bag nice…

    I knit lace on the train and it was tops! In fact, it went quicker than usual. Although I haven’t looked at it since the train trip, so hope I don’t discover a huge mistake!!

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