Happy New Year!

It’s no joke! Before Christianity converted all by the sword in the first millennium Anno Domini, April 1 was the first day of the new year in many parts of Europe.

Anyway, I’ve been a busy faerie. The Sydney rush went fairly well – everybody turned up, nobody threw fruit or scathing comments at me, and the other workshop(s) I’m writing have turned out to be more popular than originally expected. 100% confirmation for the one course in Australia, and, if the New Zealand contingent pull through with their enrollments, Social Networking will be seeing me in my old library school haunt of Wellington for ANZAC weekend. It’s going to be very tough going, and 3 weeks of living out of a suitcase (maybe, but at least two), and the PowerPoints for it and the other two workshops I’ve giving in Brisbane (and the extra one in Melbourne) need to be done by Tuesday – so I’ve been swotting like an undergrad who has only just realised they’ve got four compulsory assessment papers due, like, yesterday. It makes me miss undergrad less.

Whew. So *very close* but at the same time dangerously nearing the can’t-be-bothered-anymore stage of the prep. I’m only 1300 words/4000 through my goal of 1k a day for my thesis – but there has been no time.


At least I have lots of wiggle room.

Anyway, onto the knitting. I’ve sort of gone slightly overboard with projects on the needles.

This is mom’s beechwood in Manos Wool Clasica “Adobe”. I was going to knit a Darkside Cowl from it, but frogged that version in favor of an old faithful that is variegation friendly. The Darkside is a lovely, reversible pattern, but you need to be using a semi-solid or solid colour for it.

I’m also using 5mm needles and 84 stitches for a snugger cowl.

And this is the centre of the Hemlock Baby Blanket in Bendigo Baby Yarn (4ply) “Frost” that I’m knitting for my future second cousin (Knitted Hug #3). I wanted something that could be used long after the little one has grown up as a sort of ‘heirloom’ piece. I’m using the needles recommended for the wool – 3.25mm – the centre knitted up extremely quickly, I had to stop though, the wire of my needle kept popping out and after the fourth act of stitch surgery, I had to say time out. (My needles are pretty old Ponys – I’m thinking about finding somewhere that sells the lace addi turbos and investing in a pair or two). So the feather and fan can only proceed once needles are found. Soon, I hope, I’m really enjoying this pattern.

And this arrived in the mail today. Some of the last undyed Knittery yarn. 1080m of Cashmere sock, a skein of chubby sock, and 4mm addi turbos for the Magpie (because he’s knitting me a shawl, you know). The cashmere is going to be a lovely shawl or maybe a pullover, I’m not sure yet. I need to find somebody to dye them for me. I’m just fondling and petting at the moment. It really was quite a steal for the price I got it all at.

I also started my Riding to Avalon with the RYC Cashsoft DK in parma – that stuff is gorgeous – and my train project for the trip down to Melbourne for Easter. (Oh yes, we’re training to Melbourne. Very exciting. Gotta love those first class seats!).

The Magpie’s Felted tweed V has suffered the same problem as the hemlock blanket – it needs a 3.25mm to continue and so is hanging out, quite helplessly, in vain for me to go and find the time to get some more decent needles.

There’s also another knitted hug finished, but that needs to be posted off and received before I say anything more about it. It was slightly disappointed with the size though – I didn’t mod it that much, but the yarn came out beautifully, and it really was quite luscious in the end. I will make another.

My Leif Eriksson has been languishing with my thesis… I think I’ll pull it out over the weekend. I have a lonely sock, looking for its solemate, and I really should oblige it.

That’s all for today folks. It’s been a long and busy one, and I’ve got another long day tomorrow. There’s cricket on Friday and the weekend, and I want to be all cashed up with the library stuff so I can knit into the wee hours of the morning if I am able to stay awake that long.

Oh yes, this was the sunset yesterday. No rain, unfortunately, but what a sunset!



  1. You do get a whole lot more done when you are busy (trust me, I know!!) – so sounds like everything is all good!!

    Lots of lovely projects. I saw you’d faved a whole heap of RTA in Rav, so figured it was next on your list – that will really suit you I think.

    And yes, I think Leif would like a solemate sooner rather than later!!

    1. Thanks RR. Between my RTA, and trying to sort out what will *actually* need to be corrected/done with the Mrs Darcy Cardigan, I think I may have favourited half of Rav…

      And I packed my sock for uni knitting today. I’ve got sock guilt.

  2. I’ve bought all my addi lace needles from yarnsgalore.com.au
    They are in WA. They have them down to 1.5mm diameter.
    No doubt there are other suppliers, but I have to say their online service has been very good.

    1. oooh! Excellent. Thanks for the heads a up. I”ll go and have a look.

  3. Love the cowl! And your Hemlock Ring looks very delicate and ethereal in that yarn. I’m not sure if this is just my experience, but both pairs of Addi lace needles that I bought tarnished and made my knitting go black. Just sayin’…

    1. Well that’s interesting. Thanks Anna! Any alternatives I should be on the lookout for?

  4. Wow, that sunset!! Spectacular!

    I can recommend the lace addis. yarnsonline is good for them, I think.

    The hemlock is gorgeous. I feel the need to do another! Crazy!

    I would go to a dyer’s group on Rav and see if anyone wants to do it. I bet you’d get willing offers aplenty!

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