Solomon Grundy, born on a Monday…

It was one of those weekends when both the Magpie and I were ill. He brought a bug home with him after a tutorial, and it went down hill from there. So no fireworks for us, just listening to Ponting’s boys get hammering at my beloved Newlands. (I really get homesick every time they play in CT. I miss watching the 3rd day under the oaks with the yeasty-hoppy smell from the brewery wafting over every now and then. *Sigh*). Anyway. Maybe they’ll drop Ponting now. I know they won’t do anything before the Ashes (go the Poms!), but I can at least dream. Well done Johnson on being the only decent Australian player, and yeah Harris – spin bowlers rule. (I’m not sure if I really want to think about the Rugby… other than to say that seeing 15 grown men playing Union in fluro-pink tops was mildly disturbing. They can pull it off in France, no probs – that’s the Stade du France for you anyway – but the Force… yeesh).

I had Friday at home for a mental health day (self-imposed), and baked some banana bread and chocolate brownies (will post photos and recipe next time), and cast on for the Easy Mobius Cowl with the Manos Silk blend I snaffled up on my last visit to iKnit during my month in London. (I love that stuff – and 11GBP for the 100g skein was very, very good in the end. I wish I’d got more of it…)

The pattern itself is very easy. I used a 7mm needle instead of an 8mm, and so used the larger cast on. Mmmm… not a good idea. Next time (and there will be a next time), I’ll cast on 60. The cowl is beautiful though. Really gorgeous and soft, and it’s long enough for me to wind around my neck twice without it feeling like its choking me. And it will be snug and worn in the winter months, when it decides to get cooler.

Busy week this week. I have my flying visit to Sydney, squeeze in time to see Jenn, fly home and start writing the first group of 15k. I’m confident it can be done, I’m just not quite sure what I’m writing about. Yet. I’ll take my notes with me to ponder on the plane. But I guess that means I’ll see you on Thursday. Lots to prep, little time left.

take care.


  1. prettiness and lushness – who could ask for more – and the woodland shawl is lovely – I think lace socks might be the go – or aran jumpers…….

  2. It looks very soft and lush. The colours really suit your skin tone too. 🙂

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