I’ve got 4 rows left on my last solidarity square to send back to Corinne. Excellent. I”ll be good and not knit anything more today.

My fly-in/fly-out visit to Sydney is confirmed for the Metadata, it looks like I’ll be breaking out the Social Networking Sites for Librarians in Brissie next month after all. This is probably a good thing. I have a nice pile of journal articles to read about the various studies and opinions people have on using SNS’s in libraries and at work. The promotion/use of Second Life to present the same information is also quite interesting, and one I need to look at (the things they do in the US…). I know have time to add a few more screenshots and points of policy to this workshop, and I can really start looking at the guts of my Semantic Web & Metadata workshop now too. (oh yes, and I’m starting the first group of 15k blocks for the thesis this weekend. eep).

I did get an interesting proposal to collaborate on a paper for the 2009 IFLA – Middle-earth and Professional Development. I like the idea. I  really like the idea. It may even make my PhD less of a professional waste of time (as much as I love it, and love the research – I’m hitting that phase. Apparently right on cue too).  But seriously, the workshop deadlines have been a much needed kick in the pants to get things going and to start looking at next year, and beyond. I even finished putting together my LinkedIn profile and tried to make it as shiny as possible. It does look somewhat impressive, yes, but what could it become?

Communication becomes more important everyday – and there are now so many ways to get one’s thoughts out in the open – yet at the same time, there are many ways in which people breach netiquette in blogs, on boards, “unfriending” in social networking groups, the establishment of virtual cliques, etc. While getting ideas out into the open is now so hyper-electronic and instant, the lack of interfacing with another human being can actually make adults resort to playground politics online and in a more public sphere than one could dream of without being a celebrity not 10 years ago.

Sometimes a world of telegrams and snail mail really does sound idyllic. At least I’m old enough to remember it. Things did seem so much simpler then. I think technology has done more for creating a dependency than it has made life easier. (And ruined the grammar and spelling of an entire generation).

Thank the gods there is knitting. At least handicrafts lend themselves to a sense of achievement, craftsmanship, and a mindfulness of solid and dependable construction. Maybe I’ll knit a little more after my date with the Volsunga Saga after all.


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  1. you sound like a busy bee! and it sounds like your work is coming along…
    i completly agree about the internet and human interactions-and yes yes yes thank god for crafts! its my grounding and sanity always
    have a nice day, hope your enjoy that trip to sydney

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