New line.

So, I decided to port to WordPress. I like it, its shiny, and I’m still playing around with it.

A good procrastination tool for the PhD and the training. The ppts are where they need to be for now, so I can relax and do some school work tomorrow and get back to the library stuff on Thursday. So exhausting though.

As promised, here’s a photo of Brian’s Henry, My FFIL’s birthday present.

I do like it, and I will make it again. It’s a very easy pattern with a very polished finish. And since you’re slipping half the stitches on every row, you work quicker than anticipated.

I also finished one of my Vinnland socks last night. I really love the pattern. I’ve taken my time with it, and once I’ve got the solidarity squares done and dusted, I can start looking at some of my other queued projects. And maybe even having a new pair of socks by the end of next week!

I’m afraid I’m being very boring today – the concerted effort at getting the workshops done, and juggling a thousand and one things is taking its toll. I’m just waiting on confirmation of my flights and then I’m going home to rooibos tea and journal articles. And maybe, just maybe, a little knitting.



  1. I sometimes think about changing from blogger but I’m too scared I’ll lose everything. And I’m pretty comfortable with what I know – but am glad to see it can be done!

    I think the Henry is fabulous.

    Hope you get some knitting time in!!

    1. There’s actually a slurping function that imports all the Blogger posts and comments to WordPress. I wouldn’t have ported over if I couldn’t do that.

  2. well, the old blog title was so last year.
    i think you should have knitting time as a sort of house warming for your new site.

  3. Have I started a trend?

    Henry looks fabulous, pity Eno doesn’t where scarves.

  4. The new blog looks great! And I love the scarf too – I’d seen the pattern before and assumed it would take forever, so it’s good to hear that it doesn’t.

    1. It doesn’t take that long on 5mm needles. I chose a modded version I found on Ravelry

  5. WordPress keeps looking tempting… maybe I’ll kick around for a bit, see what’s what.

    Henry looks so pretty… except for how I’ve sworn off of scarves for a while.

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