Henry is done. Cast off and currently having a nice bath. I’m going to be blocking the life out of it this evening, so I’ll let it relax some for now. Detailed notes to come with the FO photos.

I decided (what, with everything else I’ve got going on as well) that I wanted something thick and fast – instant gratification-ny and all that. And I’ve been dying to use some of my UK yarn. So I cast on a Stolen Moments Wrap (aka. Simple Elegance) in Sirdar Big Softie, which I bought at the John Lewis in Cambridge. The Ravellers that have used this yarn for this wrap have raved about it. After the initial shock of using such bulky wool on such big needles (8mm is big for me now), I actually quite enjoyed the 4 or so repeats I managed to get done yesterday. I’m not sure how instant the gratification will be, but the pattern looks good and boy, will it be snug and warm come winter. I’m thinking Chris’ vest will become car knitting for our drive down to Melbourne. The Vinnland sock #1 should get closer to completion in front of the computer tomorrow, and I’ll have fun with the wrap and the hug v.2 on Sunday. Knitting is currently saving my sanity.

One workshop has been tweaked and updated, one’s in process and one is now cooking. I’m still hanging onto my one episode of the Volsunga Saga per day (simply not good enough) as I go. I thin I’ll spend tomorrow skim reading VS and picking some Anglo-Saxon poems before getting back to writing out power points. (Presenting is fun, writing the power points before hand is not.)

Eyes on the prize, that’s all I can say, eyes on the prize. (And an early night).