Madness, FO’s and Thanks

Whenever I start doubting in Murphy’s Law, he turns up to remind me he still exists. After x number of months with no work and the bills starting to pile up, I get a call out of the blue – training is on and its going to be big. Turns out that people are more interested in applying social networking sites in special libraries and youth-centric knowledge centres than was originally anticipated. If the quorum for registrations if met in ever session offered, I’m going to spend a total of a full month of the next three on the road. Seeing Australia, going back to the haunting grounds of my Library School days, and writing my PhD in hotel rooms. Sounds glamorous doesn’t it? Getting paid to teach people about policy management and business practices when using facebook and myspace for libraries by day and writing on the Silmarillion by night? (I’m going to be even more of a techno-geek by the time I’m finished.) It certainly will keep life exciting. And I’m going to need sleep at the end of all this. There’s a lot to do in the next two weeks.

Anyway, onto more knitterly things. Firstly, I’m very proud of my Magpie. This is his first FO. A my so-called scarf (info on his Rav account. Yes. He has a Rav account. I didn’t even need to encourage him.) I was not allowed to even touch this project. He did it all – cast on, cast off, tinking, frogging, wool joining, weaving, wet blocking. Everything. It stands at an impressive 5″7. It’s taller than I am. He’s very proud of it. As he should be. Now the agony comes in what to knit (or spin) next. I’ve created a fibre snob. Sticky hands off my stash though.


Not bad for a first “proper” project, is it? I can’t wait until he decides to tackle lace and socks, and he wants to. He’s mine. I found him first and nobody else can have him.

And I had a squee moment when I opened the post box this morning. This was in it. My prize yarn from Geek Knitter. It’s. So. Pretty.

It’s Happy Sheep Yarn Studio in Purple Pansy and its just so soft and beautiful. The colours are bang on too – Thanks Andrea, you have impeccable taste. I can’t wait to see how this knits up. Now for the right pattern…

Anyway, I have two workshops to write and the Volsunga Saga to read. It’s nice to be busy. (I may also finish Brian’s Henry tonight too). FO’s to come. 😀